Biden and Chicago mayor Lightfoot go out maskless in public

Rules are for little people, silly.

Of course, the entire charade of masking is stupid, because the size of viral particles is smaller than all but the expensive (and hard to fit) N95 masks.  The cloth or paper chin diapers are pretty worthless except as symbols of submission.  But once political leaders try to force them on the rest of us to make the point that they are in charge and to encourage fear of a virus that is 99.7% survivable for all but the elderly or seriously comorbid, they do have an obligation to lead by example.  To do otherwise invites contempt, which, I confess, I feel a lot of these days.

Joe and Jill Biden went out for "date night" at an expensive Italian restaurant in Washington, D.C., and even as others around him wore face masks, he was photographed entering, inside, and leaving the restaurant, all without a mask (hat tip: News Thud).  If he'd confess that he does so because they don't work, I'd be congratulating him,

Here is Jill leading him into the dining room:

Here's a cropped screen grab of the maskless leader and the masked subordinate:

Here's an Instagram post from a fan who encountered him inside:

And here is leaving, maskless again.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot attended a playoff WNBA gamemaskless and tweeted out a picture of herself, surrounded by some masked fans.

People have been attending college football games without masks with no "super-spreader events," so once again, the issue isn't safety.  It is hypocrisy.

Correction: Lightfoot attended a WNBA championshp

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