Bail for a school shooter? While Jan. 6 defendants languish in prison as danger to the republic?

Is the criminal justice system getting cattywampus? You decide.

A school shooter who shot up an Arlington, Texas classroom Wednesday, injuring four people, has been let out by some judge on bail.

The incident created mass terror and chaos. A teacher was shot in the back, the bullet reportedly missing a critical artery by an inch. The apparently targeted student was shot three times and is now in the hospital in a medically induced coma. A random high school girl was apparently grazed by a bullet or otherwise injured and hospitalized. A pregnant woman fleeing the melee reportedly fell and was injured. And all across the school, there was terror, complete with desperate parents at the school gates as police agency after police agency rushed to the scene. The kids, of course, the ones who didn't do the shooting, will likely now have to live with metal detectors and other prison-style appurtenances. Lucky them.

When was the last time you heard of a school shooter let out on bail?

It shows something clearly wrong with the justice system these days, given that he's a kid who solved his problems by taking a gun to school. He's now home on the honor system, promising not to play with guns (apparently he had a lot of them) or contact the people he injured. Yet he's still mad, the problem he had earlier with another student has now compounded, (his family says it was a reaction to "bullying" but they've made so many questionable statements to get young junior out scot-free one has to wonder), he solves his problems with guns, and he clearly showed reckless disregard for hitting others as he sought to get his job done. Frankly, he sounds like a danger to the community, and his wealthy suburban kid profile pretty well matches that of other spray shooters from other incidents. I can think of that loser who shot up the Aurora, Colorado theatre from that wealthy Rancho Penasquitos community in San Diego, California, also reportedly a bright kid with a great future, as someone comparable.

But this kid got let out. Times have changed. A school shooter with a raging grudge is now bailable. It's likely part of the Sorosian criminal justice trend of letting absolutely everybody out. Sure, it starts with pot smokers and shoplifters. But it doesn't take long for it to include child molestors and school shooters. This one got bail. 

Meanwhile, little old ladies, assorted members of the public, and a goofus in a shaman suit complete with a horned hat remain imprisoned, some in solitary, eight months after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, as a mortal danger to the republic. Yes, some should be punished, but this is disproportionate and the time for that has come and gone. A school shooter gets let out on bail, while the Capitol rioters, charged with "parading" continue to languish in prison? What's wrong with this picture?

Image: Screen shot from WFAA video, posted on YouTube

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