As vaccination rates climb near 100% in some areas, the problem is finding people to blame for continuing COVID cases

Scapegoats are a necessity for tyrants because somebody has to take the blame for their failures.  That's one of several reasons to be uneasy about the campaign by Joe Biden, in concert with most elements of the progressive establishment, to persecute those who resist vaccine mandates, falsely claiming, as Biden did in his CNN town hall last week, that the unvaccinated are responsible for killing the vaccinated.

But what happens when the bullies get their way and practically everyone is vaccinated, yet COVID cases continue to rage?

Jack Cashill, writing in the American Spectator:

In the Republic of Ireland, however, health officials are running out of people to blame. This has becoming [sic] embarrassingly obvious in County Waterford. As reported in the Irish Times, the nation's establishment newspaper, two of the three most COVID-infected electoral areas in Ireland are located in the county "with the highest rate of vaccination in the country." In Waterford, a remarkable 99.7 percent of adults over the age of 18 is fully vaccinated. (snip)

According to data published on October 21, Waterford City South has the nation's highest 14-day incidence rate at 1,486 cases per 100,000 and Tramore-Waterford City West has the third highest at 1,122 cases per 100,000. This is despite internal travel bans and the county's more than 90 percent vaccination rate.

Although Waterford is running three times the rate of the nation writ large, Ireland as a whole is not faring particularly well, especially given its draconian restrictions. In the seven days preceding October 21, Ireland reported 2,026 new cases. To put that number in perspective, wide-open Florida had 2,262 cases during that same period with a population more than four times greater than the Irish Republic's.

Lismore Castle, County Waterford.
Copyright N. Chadwick, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

It's unclear for the moment who is going to be blamed for Waterford's COVID.  My guess is that the Irish media will do their best to suppress the information on the futility of vaccinations to avoid the question entirely and keep blaming the unvaxxed.

History teaches us that Jews are the most popular choice for scapegoating, but it is unclear how that can be accomplished in a nation with few Jews and none (that I know of) in a position to influence the spread of COVID.

My speculation, ever since doubts began to be raised about the effectiveness of the gene therapies masquerading as vaccines, is that in the end, Donald Trump will be blamed.  That will require a 180-degree switch away from vaccination mandates, of course, and should the worst come to pass and the long-term side-effects prove serious, the vax bullies will have no choice but to claim they all along were skeptical — as many were when Trump was in office.

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