Americans will defeat our domestic enemies by remembering David and Goliath

It really is amazing how quickly the complacency of the best of times can lead a nation to its worst of times.  Apparently, it seems to take right around nine months, which is just about the same amount of time it takes for someone conceived to be birthed.

But maybe we aren't in the worst of times.  Maybe we are at an inflection point as a nation and a people.  Maybe this moment is an opportunity, a once-in-a-generation moment to face the giants in our land and turn the course of our families, our nation, and our government back to God.  There is, after all, nothing new under the sun.

Tales of giants have always existed.  Most times, the story doesn't end with them; the best stories tend to reach their climax and end with one man rising up and trusting in Truth, standing firm and unequivocal, slaying the giant and eventually leading and inspiring others to rise up and fight as well.

Reading the story of David and Goliath recently refreshed my hope that our nation's inflection point is coming to a head and that we are on the precipice of people with the spirit of David rising up to deal with the giants taunting our land.  Those rising up are not our politicians, who stand weak-kneed for the cause of freedom at their battle line, day after day, faint of heart, with the enemies of freedom bringing forth their giant and taunting and jeering them.  No, those rising up have, so far, been fighting the spiritual battles for their families in their homes, learning to overcome in the quiet and unseen moments of everyday life, just as David would hone his warring skills in the solitude of tending and protecting his sheep.

These men and women, with the spirit of David, have now seen the battle lines.  They've seen the giant in the land, taunting the people, their families, their faith, and their nation.  From school board actions to lockdowns, mandates, and religious oppression, the battle lines are now clear and unmistakable.  Those with the spirit of David look on and see liberty's supposed defenders, its politicians, standing in terror, their hearts full of dread in the face of this giant.  Those "defenders" have been at the front lines for so long that the taunts have normalized in their ears, and they neither see nor know their own impotence.  But the people of the land see the fear in the eyes of their "defenders" and find themselves, likewise, in dread.

It is now time for the men and women with the spirit of David to stand up, to rise up out of the fear of those who claim to stand for them, and to boldly ask, "Who is this giant in our land that he should defy our families, our people and our nation, which was founded upon a covenant with God?"

Indeed, the giant in our land is spiritual, and a mere political solution can never bring this belligerent behemoth to its knees.

Victory will require men and women of conviction and courage, with spiritual fortitude and grit, to declare, as did David, that this giant will fall because it has defied the armies of the living God.  It requires men and women who can stand firm when the giant looks at them with disdain and disgust and asks, "Am I a dog, that you come at me with sticks?"

Our nation was founded, in covenant, with the same God that gave David his strength and courage.  When America's men and women take their stand, the whole world will, likewise, know that there is a God in America because the battle is the Lord's.

The giants will grow belligerent day by day as they see the fear in the land, as those elected to protect America and its liberty stand quaking in their shoes, as they fail to engage in the battle.  It is only when the men and women with the spirit of David begin to rise up and walk onto the spiritual battlefield with nothing but a sling and stones and faith in the providence of God that the battle will turn.  When these men and women begin to spiritually slay the giants in our land, others will rise up, pursue the enemy, and take back the ground that has been lost in our families, our states, and our nation.

Now is that time.  It is time for revival — for men and women of faith to rise up and see that this is their moment to engage with the spiritual giants, to run to that fight and not cower or leave it to others.  The battle lines may never be clearer; the spirit of the giants stands tall and boisterous.  It is precisely in historical moments like this, when hope seems lost, that God can do the greatest things and change the course of nations for His glory.

This is that inflection point, our once-in-a-generation moment to face the spiritual giants in our land and turn the course of our nation back to God and to the cause of liberty.  As was asked of Esther at her inflection point in time, "who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"  See you on the front lines.

Image: JSMed via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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