A very thin blue line

Many Conservative Americans have been supportive of our men and women in blue, in response to Leftist attacks of “systemic racism” and the “murder” of “innocent” black men (and women); Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Alton Sterling, Brianna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and more recently George Floyd.

Policing is difficult. It is significantly more difficult when confronted by persons who are seemingly willing to go to any length to avoid prison, or resist arrest.

Racism and its CRT-inspired catch-all “systemic racism” is often cited as the root cause of these incidences, notwithstanding that no proof of racism has been adjudicated (except through the press), only that the perpetrators were black and the officers were white. In Michael Brown’s case, the Eric Holder-led Justice Department launched an exhaustive hate crime investigation which ultimately bore no fruit and was quietly shelved.

Justice and the rule of law are paramount principles of our Founding and the cornerstone of our society. If rules/laws are established and applied equally to all persons within society, peace and tranquility will ensue. Police are asked to protect and defend these principles, to keep order, for without order there is chaos.

The interactions listed above, while tragic, were efforts by police to enforce the laws and to keep order.

All that being said, if rules/laws are established and enforced which are designed to advance a particular political ideology, and/or are unequally applied, then chaos and anarchy are destined to result.

These past couple of summers, we watched Antifa and BLM break countless laws, incite violence among the citizenry, and destroy dozens of inner cities across America, with almost zero legal ramifications. When arrests were made, leftist judges, activists, and politicians bailed out those committing these serious offenses.

This past month, we saw a school shooting perpetrated by a black youth handled as though it were a jaywalking offense.

Today, it comes to light that the incident of “domestic terrorism” that prompted the Loudoun County School District to request the involvement of Merrick Garland, the Department of Justice, and subsequently the FBI, was the parent of a teenage girl who had been raped by a transgender student, attempting to voice his opposition to the district’s attempt to “handle the matter internally” rather than involve the police.

The local police who dragged this man from the podium while he was attempting to exercise his right to free speech may have just been following orders, but one has to wonder what authority a school district has in determining who does and doesn’t have the right to speak in an open forum. This district silenced this man because his views ran contrary to their political agenda. These officers (wittingly or unwittingly) provided the muscle to enforce the advance of said agenda, and should (in retrospect) be ashamed of themselves.

Authoritarianism is the advance of power, not justice.

Police officers have a choice -- serve the law, or serve those in power.

Image: PxFuel

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