Wouldn't you just hate to lose RINO Adam Kinzinger in Congress?

There's been little to smile about over the past eight months as the Biden regime has laid waste to the greatest nation in the history of the world.  But at last, there may be something to smile about: the elimination of the 16th Congressional District in Illinois via redistricting.  Why?  This is Adam Kinzinger's district, and to lose him would be poetic justice.

While there are many RINOs in the Republican Party, few have exhibited a more pathetic and humiliating desire to be accepted by the mainstream media, the D.C. establishment, and Democrats — at the expense of our nation — than Kinzinger.

Not only was Kinzinger one of ten gutless House Republicans to vote to impeach Donald Trump on the most recent Democrat party hoax to charge Trump with inciting an insurrection on January 6, but he proudly and disgracefully voted with Democrats to create a bipartisan 9/11-style commission to investigate the non-insurrection.

Though the legislation to establish the commission failed to pass, Kinzinger then proudly and disgracefully accepted his appointment by Nancy Pelosi to the select 9/11-style committee instead. 

"I am a Republican, I am a conservative," Kinzinger claimed in his testimony before he cried his now-infamous crocodile tears.  Really?  That must be why Pelosi rejected the appointments of conservative reps. Jim Banks of Indiana and Jim Jordan of Ohio and offered the appointment to Kinzinger instead.  Since then, "Crybaby" Kinzinger has become a favorite guest on CNN. 

When Biden announced his insane vaccine campaign to go "door to door — literally knocking on doors" to persuade Americans to get vaccinated, Kinzinger defended Biden's strategy, saying on CNN's State of the Union that "at no point was anybody saying they're going to break down your door and jam a vaccine in your arm despite your protest."

In fact, Kinzinger even attacked and condemned the Republican Party in the same interview.  He said, "Our party has been hijacked, my party has been hijacked.  It is on the way to the ground."  No, Adam, our country has been hijacked — by Democrats — and it is you who are on the way to the ground, and I'm laughing.

Most recently, Adam Kinzinger lent his traitorous services once again to his favorite Democrat party network, CNN, to parrot the Biden administration talking points that the Afghanistan disaster was somehow Trump's fault.  Trump and then–secretary of state Mike Pompeo "set this up to fail," he said.

Since January, Kinzinger has made himself a useful idiot to the Democrat party.  While he's an elected Republican, he talks like a Democrat — condemning Trump and defending the Biden administration.  Why?

Adam Kinzinger is a weak, insecure, self-serving reprobate who is desperate for attention and acceptance in the D.C. establishment.  Like so many politicians, Kinzinger cares more about gaining the admiration of the D.C. elite and their propagandist media than he does about the preservation of his own country.  Kinzinger fears the condemnation of CNN more than he does the condemnation of his Creator.

That said, it has been known since at least April that the new Census data would cost Illinois one congressional seat.  It certainly isn't illogical to surmise that Kinzinger's increasing embrace of the Democrat party has been a desperate act of self-preservation — a pathetic and futile appeal to the enemy. 

It is apropos that while the Biden administration engages in an act of appeasement with the Taliban terrorists, who have regained control of Afghanistan, Adam Kinzinger has engaged in an act of his own appeasement with the Democrat party.  The Biden administration, like Neville Chamberlain, believes that it can negotiate with a hostile, ideologically driven enemy to save face, and Kinzinger believes he can negotiate with a hostile, ideologically driven Democrat party to save his congressional seat.  But the party will use and abuse a weak, willing, and pathetic adversary to suit its own needs, chewing Kinzinger up and spitting him out if and when expedient.

There is a lesson in all of this, which Republicans never seem to learn but must.  Republicans will never be accepted by the Democrat party.  More importantly, there is nothing a Republican can do or say to earn Democrats' respect or favor.

Adam Kinzinger, like Michael Avenatti and numerous other useful idiots before him, has simply spent the past year prostrating himself at the feet of the Democrats to be discarded like a cheap doormat, after they've gotten what they need.

I hope Kinzinger enjoyed his five minutes of fame.  I hope he soon learns he'll be out of a job, and it will be Democrats who fired him.  I hope so.  It's poetic justice. 

Republicans must stop seeking the approval of the Democrat party and the liberal media.  They'll never be your friend.  Do what's right, not what's popular, in the Beltway.  Fight for America, not Democrat and media approval.

Image: Hudson Institute via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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