Will Biden use the Del Rio 'whipping Haitians' hoax to abolish police mounted patrols?

On Friday, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris doubled down on the hoax that mounted Border Patrol agents "whipped" border violators in Del Rio, Texas, a lie that has been conclusively debunked, as Andrea Widburg explains on these pages today.  Harris, who has been all but invisible lately, was put back into the spotlight because of her melanin in order to evoke the specter of slavery from more than a century and a half ago.

Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas promises a prompt investigation.

So, what will happen when the investigation hears evidence that the fraud is a fraud?  My friend Mike Nadler emails me with a scary and plausible answer:

My guess is that even if the investigation finds the agents operated fully in accordance with their training, in order to save face for the president, etc., the investigators will conclude that it is inhumane to use horses as a tool to control people, and their use should be confined to herding cattle, etc.  As a result, police departments in NYC and elsewhere will be forced to discontinue this important tool for crowd control and other law enforcement activities.

Will the next step be eliminating police dogs?

What makes this prediction all the more frightening is that it fits in with the broader campaign to degrade the capability of local police forces to contain street-level political violence.  Antifa and Black Lives Matter both use street violence as a political tactic.  The George Floyd riots have already scared many institutions, public and private, into making changes desired by the hard left.  Meanwhile, many police forces have been denuded of skilled, veteran police officers and are well below minimum staffing requirements, resulting in surging crime rates.

Mounted police used for crowd control in Times Square (YouTube screen grab).

While policing is a local matter, Democrats are experts at tying federal funds to certain policies they want to force on local bodies.  Using federal bureaucrats, they can rewrite regulations without even getting a vote through Congress.  Depriving police forces of the very powerful crowd control tool of mounted horse patrols would empower rioters even more.  Mob rule, in other words, would be given a big boost.

Only one political party seeks the political changes that the mobs of today demand.

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