Widespread ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ chants are a warning to politicians and the media

Over the weekend, at least four college football stadia echoed with chants of “F*ck Joe Biden,” and the practice already has spread to concerts and other mass gatherings. Twitchy has collected a number of tweets demonstrating this trend that should worry Democrats and the media that does its best to pretend that the Republic is in peril with a senile old corruptocrat in charge:

Not just at the games:

This phenomenon is likely to escalate, as people become fed up with the media ignoring their passionately held feelings and beliefs (rage over abandoning Americans in Afghanistan, vaccine mandates, and many other issues) and elites treating them like ignorant rubes. It all has a Cold War Soviet Bloc feel to it – masses alienated from their political leadership, their grievances either ignored or ridiculed, resisting in places and ways where they cannot be retaliated against.

"FJB" grafitti appearing all over the place would be a logical next step.

Image credit: Twitter video screengrab

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