Why the Antelope Wells, NM border crossing is as peaceful as Del Rio, TX border crossing is chaotic

How is the border crossing in Antelope Wells, New Mexico, empty of border agents and illegal immigrants while the border crossing in Del Rio, Texas, is overflowing with both?  

The border crossing at Antelope Wells has Trump’s Border Wall on each side of the border crossing for as far as the eye can see. Look closely; the small gap in the wall is the border crossing. Even though sections of the border wall are unfinished in the area, the presences of the wall discourage illegal immigrants while providing a door to legal immigrants into our country.

Border Crossing at Antelope Wells, NM September 21, 2021

Photo by author

The border crossing at Del Rio does not have Trump’s Border Wall on each side of the border crossing. Thus, the whole border becomes the crossing. The border agents and illegal immigrants are playing an adult game of Red Rover. There are thousands of players on the Mexican side and a few hundred on the US side. President Biden then essentially yells, “Come on Over,” while the border agents are stuck trying to hold the line.

Is it a coincidence the 2021 illegal immigration surge is in Republican Texas and not in Democrat New Mexico? The leaders of Mexico and the drug cartels read American newspapers and watch American news programs. They know not to antagonize the party that is occupying the White House. In 2019 the illegal immigration surge occurred in New Mexico. Now it is in Texas. The difference is President Trump stopped illegal immigration no matter where it was happening. President Biden created an illegal immigration crisis for his political enemies in Texas while enacting his agenda.

While the human traffickers are overwhelming the border patrol resources in the Del Rio area of Texas, the drug traffickers are running drugs across the open stretches of the New Mexico border. Staking out of the border is not a coincidence; this is transnational crime organizations dividing up the American Border.

On Tuesday, I visited the US/Mexico border and spoke with ranchers and border agents. Border agents have a presence during the day. But at dusk, agents staked out the high ground with good vantage points while other agents dispersed across the desert in 4x4 pickups and quads. The border agents are not playing an adult game of Red Rover; it is war. The illegal drugs coming across our borders are fueling the murder epidemic in our cities. 

Photo by author

The above picture shows the end of the trail for my most recent trip to the border. The border crossing is about thirty miles to the east, and the US / Mexico border is in the distance. To the south, east, and west of this bull are over 500 square miles owned and managed between a loose or tight-knit group (depending on which side of the fence you are on) comprised of the Diamond A Ranch, Nature Conservancy, and the Animas Foundation. The Diamond A ranch is closed to all on this side of the border with the abundance of well-maintained signs which read “private land, private road, no hunting, no trespassing Diamond A Ranch Central Division” (their signs only face north and are not in Spanish). That goes for the construction of the border wall, border patrolagents, and folks like you and me. This open stretch of land between where I stand in New Mexico and Old Mexico in the distance is described by some as a nature corridor between the two countries. The reality is a drug trafficking corridor between transnational criminal organizations in Old Mexico and their counterparts across America.

We need comprehensive immigration reform. Reform that provided guidelines for who is welcome into our country. Reform that will ensure those that come will be contributing members of their communities and committed to obeying our laws. We need to secure the border, so immigrants enter through the open doors into our country and not cross our borders.

It is unconscionable for those responsible for the crisis on our borders to demonize those dedicated government workers enforcing the laws they have sworn to uphold. Call your US Representative and US Senator, demand they create a bipartisan immigration reform to end the border crisis.