When civilization is treated like a dropped call

Are we even recoverable in the fundamental transformation of  America and the world in total via the great reset?  The Afghanistan negative policy event, in DoS speak, is a macro-watershed moment.  Its micro-analogues in the news and in daily life are numerous and support serious apprehension.

I was disheartened by the following story I ran across in the New York Post.  In short, the New Orleans P.D. has charged and is seeking a 911 operator in Louisiana for deliberately hanging up on people who called in emergencies.  The Post reported that "Precious Stephens was working with the Orleans Parish Communications District when she allegedly disconnected 911 calls without taking vital information or relaying the calls to other dispatchers for aid."  Scary?  Maybe her nails weren't dry.

Some readers may remember that last year in Minneapolis, the president of the City Council, Lisa Bender, said she envisioned a police-free future, but when pressed in another appearance, she told Wolf Blitzer that "we don't have all the answers on who might respond to reports of violent crime without police."  She also posited that reporting a break-in comes from a "place of privilege."

In a personal anecdote, a close family friend a few weeks ago had a sixth-month follow-up CT scan for his previous cancer surgery.  He has yet to receive his scan results.  He is one of several people I know who have placed their lives in the hands of non-communicative health care providers.

The world, it seems, has been commandeered as the laboratory for the gain-of-function lackadaisicalness we are experiencing in society.  It is thus disconcerting to seek answers to the following questions: 

What sort of mind accepts a job along with training as a 911 operator but then callously treats it like a bored call-screener on midnight radio? 

What kind of non-fictional City Council president envisions a major American city with the "aspirational" goal of modern urban life with zero law enforcement presence?  So call whom?

What inclines doctors to keep patients on hold for not minutes, but weeks, while communication of their test results languishes for want of a signature in a to-do pile? 

Lastly, what sort of U.S. president goes the extra mile to ensure that Americans in a lethal foreign country are placed on hold with essentially a looped message repeating, Your lives are not important to us.  No representative will be with you shortly, or ever?  I guess that would be President Malarkey himself, Joe Biden. 

The above three micro-anecdotes along with the macro-debacle of Afghanistan aren't malarkey, are they?  They portend a future of purposely dropped calls for a humanity in need but, in the end, irrelevant.  This is what the world looks like as the great reset unfolds. 

With over-arching international governance, individual responsibility wanes by design.  If the ruling world elites don't care, why should the average person?  Lawn signs sporting the vacuous "hate has no home here" are easy privileged virtue-signaling, because personal responsibility has no home there, either. 

As an ever-macro governing class assumes more and more responsibility for the collective us, their expanding reach exceeds their shrinking grasp — so, like the bored 911 operator, they hit disconnect or press auto-reply: this is not a working number.

Spruce Fontaine is an artist and retired college art instructor. 

Image via Public Domain Photos.

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