What if the opposite had happened?

Will Tuesday's recall election in California be "secure"?  Can we trust what will happen at the polls?

That depends.  If you or someone you know is still totally satisfied with the result of the 2020 presidential election (and may in fact believe it to have been the "most secure in American history"), it may finally be time to ask — and answer honestly — three "What if" questions:

1. WHAT IF on Election Night 2020 you went to bed at 11 P.M. and Joe Biden was comfortably ahead of Donald Trump in the polls across the country?  And you knew that when you woke up the next morning that Joe Biden would be the president-elect, to be sworn into office on January 20, 2021.  But what would you have thought when you turned on the TV the very next morning and learned that ballot-counting in six swing states had stopped completely?

Would you have found that odd?  And would you have expected the media to also find that odd?

2. And WHAT IF over the next three days, the counting of ballots resumed, and every hour, more votes kept streaming in from who-knows-where in each of those swing states?  And an unprecedented percentage of those votes were for Donald Trump?

Would you have found that odd?  And would you have expected the media to also find that odd?

3. And then, WHAT IF, once the New York Times declared Donald Trump the victor over Joe Biden, you questioned the results because you found the whole event downright odd?

Would you have expected the media to call you a "conspiracy theorist" and claim that there was "no evidence of fraud" and that you should shut up and go away because Donald Trump won the election fair and square?


Before we move on to believe in fair and honest elections in states across the nation, maybe it's high time everyone in America honestly answered the questions posed with these three "What If" scenarios.

Graphic credit: Thor Deichman, Pixabay license.

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