Unions strike all the time

Within the United States resides the most productive, innovative, and resilient population in the world. Makers, doers, creators, all crave freedom to live their own lives and have flocked here for almost 250 years. These people joined a union with others that had a similar mindset: the American Union.

This union is not a tightly organized group that takes orders. This union is one that is comprised of individuals who march to their own drum. The result is both the strength and weakness of the union. We do not know how many people are in it. The entrepreneur businessman, the grocery store clerk, the doctor of oncology, the machinist, and the cattle rancher are all members. The vast majority of people in this union are the people who make the world go round.

Like many labor unions have in the past, it is now time for the American Union to work as one to improve our current working conditions. When we are handed mandates that must be met in order to create value, and when these mandates go against our own best judgment, it may be time to do as labor unions have done so many times before. We go on strike.

Power is found in numbers. If one individual goes on strike it will have an effect equal to the value that he produces. For many within the American Union, this alone is significant. Imagine what would happen if the entire American Union went on strike?

Everything will stop.

This is not breaking a law. This is not using violence. This is simply demonstrating the results when we show extreme compliance to an unconstitutional mandate. The President of the United States said that if you do not comply, you will no longer have a job. If you voluntarily decide not to work, are the results any different? Ask yourself, are they really willing to simply vacate your contribution to society in order to force a vaccination? Do they understand the total contribution of everyone who refuses to be vaccinated? I think they do but are terrified by the thought of us figuring it out.

Imagine how quickly things would change if we simply picked a day, and everyone in the union decided to withhold their contribution. What would the elites do? More importantly, what will you do when you realize how many of us there really are?

We hold all the power. It is time to use it.

Image: Stilgherrian

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