Understanding the Haitian refugee crisis on the border

I offer a few comments on the Haitian migrant crisis.

First, this is mostly self-inflicted by the Biden administration.  The Haitians heard Biden's call for economic "refugees" to come here.  They understood that Biden had reversed Trump-era policies.  So it should come as no surprise that they decided to try their luck.

Second, it is remarkable that the administration largely succeeded in downplaying the crises for so long.  Having a pliant media at its disposal was a factor.  It was only after the migrant shantytown was populated by about 15,000 people, who were running out of rations and living in unsanitary conditions, with many more coming across the Rio Grande every day, that the media had to start covering the story. 

Third, the unfolding humanitarian crises led to, guess what, the Biden administration re-imposing Trump-era policies it and the media had decried during the campaign as racist and cruel.  In sum, based on Trump's policies and precedent as upheld by courts, the Biden administration is sending thousands of Haitians back to their home country, without the "due process" Biden the candidate and Democrats derided when Trump did it to address Central American migrants during his presidency.

Finally, I close with a question.  If America is such a hopelessly racist country as the progressive left and many in the media want you to believe, why are so many Haitians willing to travel thousands of miles by boat and on foot in dangerous conditions and risk their lives to come here?

Josh Kantrow is a cybersecurity lawyer in Chicago.

Image via Good Free Photos.

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