Two contradictory forces are at play in today's America

There are two contradictory forces at play in today's America.  The first is the weakening of national unity.  There's a feeling in the air that the country might fragment between blue states versus red states; the coasts versus the heartland; left versus right; and, most telling, the elite versus the middle class.  There are a number of reasons for this.  One certainly is the mantra "diversity is strength."  This is patently false, as any scan of history shows.  Yet it is repeated ad nauseam in the media and in the school.  Diversity, in the meaning the left uses, is a solvent used to dissolve national cohesion.  That is its objective.

Another thing weakening national solidarity is the incessant attacks on symbols of nationhood like the flag, the National Anthem, U.S. history, historic monuments, and the like.  This has been going on in the universities and the K–12 public school system to one degree or another for over a generation.  The result of this infusion of poison is that a disturbing number of the young feel alienated from and embarrassed by the United States.  They view patriotism as evil and the refuge of rubes.

Then there's the two-tier justice system.  Leftists like Antifa and Black Lives and those in the Deep State get a pass on their criminality, while conservatives are prosecuted to the full extent of the law and at times persecuted.  Nobody can deny that this is happening.  This sharpens the divide in America.  It makes a mockery of the Lady Justice symbol with her blindfold on and holding a scale meaning fair and impartial justice.

The situation we're in brings to mind the lines in William Yeats's "The Second Coming": "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold."  The ruling elite see the centrifugal forces at play, and the only way they feel they can counter it is by brute force.

Extra-constitutional brute force is the second force operating in America today.  It is employed by the Biden administration and enthusiastically accepted by the media and large corporations.  This is an attempt to hold things together and prevent fragmentation, for, with fragmentation, those in oligarchy lose much of their power and influence.  They need a strong and unified America from which to extract the country's wealth for themselves.  In years gone by, the government could call on patriotism and civic pride to rally the country.  But the leftist hive of liberals, progressives, and Democrats have so damaged the concept of national unity that force seems to be the only option left to them.  They first tried lies and propaganda, lies that are too numerous to list.  The result is that now only about one out of every three Americans trusts government institutions.

So it's fraudulent elections and brute force of the Biden administration.  The dilemma with using lies and force, however, is that the more they are applied, the more resistance they invoke.  For what it's worth, I see brute force and an illegitimate president working for the time being.  But that can't hold in the long run — and that long run might be quite short.

Photo credit: Trainer24, Pixabay license.

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