They think they're better than you

They think they're smarter than you.  They think they deserve more than you.  They think they're better than you.

Who are they, you ask?  Hollywood, Silicon Valley, athletes, politicians, entertainment, those who dine at the French Laundry or attend the Met Gala — they all think they're better than you.

They think the God you worship is nothing more than a figment of your imagination.  They think the family you raise is outdated.  They think the society you belong to is racist.

While the country was locked down, they were on vacation in Cabo or getting their hair cut.  While your kid's school was closed, their kids continued to learn in private school.  While you've had to abide by the rules, they were too busy "feeling the spirit."

They hurt those living in rural areas (typically the middle- and lower-income earners), charging more for peak-rate electricity, while they sit in their mansions on the coast.  They make you pay $5 a gallon for gas (again affecting middle- and lower-income earners who commute from farther away) while they live closer to the city.  While you struggle to pay to keep food on your family's table, they go to events that cost $35,000 or buy freezers for $24,000.

They insist we must do all we can to help the homeless, as long as it's away from their neighborhood.  They talk about America being racist while also owning four homes.  They tell you not to question authority and say you're too dumb to do research.

There is a growing divide in this country.  On one side are the wealthy elites, politicians, athletes, and others who feel more entitled than the rest of society.  It's not just in wealth but in all facets.  And from their perspective, why should they have to live like us?  They have the Harvard degrees, they live in the nice neighborhoods, they have more money than you — why should they have to live the same way as us deplorables?  They talk down to the rest of us because they've made it clear that they are part of the aristocracy.  They are above the rules.

But America isn't made up by these people.  Instead, it's made up of truck drivers, nurses, teachers, and working-class people.  People who will say something and follow through on their promise.

Don't fall for their words of trying to help you, because they've made it clear they don't care about you.  They think they're better than you. 

Miles Himmel is the communications director for San Diego County supervisor Jim Desmond.

Image via Max Pixel.

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