The unvaccinated and the Democrat media

As the Democrat media continue to push all Americans to become vaccinated, there remain some eighty-five million who have yet to take the shot.  Many of the unvaccinated, according to a recent ABC News poll, distrust "the vaccines' safety and effectiveness."  Yet distrust does not begin and end with vaccines.

Instead, the distrust in vaccines is a direct result of distrust in the Democrat media.  Following years of Democrat media disinformation, thoughtful Americans have become skeptical of mainstream news.  Democrat media portrayals of police brutality, Russian collusion, and election integrity are just a few examples of such disinformation.  It is this kind of disinformation that has left many Americans questioning the validity of the Democrat media and their campaign on behalf of vaccines. 

The Democrat media strategically manipulated public opinion of the Michael Brown shooting to further their agenda of retribution for historical injustices perpetrated upon black Americans.  The media exploited Brown's death to portray him as a victim of police brutality, but this characterization is simply not true.  Brown can be seen on video stealing cigars shortly before his confrontation with police officer Darren Wilson.  There is no credible evidence indicating that his hands were up.  There is no credible evidence indicating that he cried, "Don't shoot."  To the contrary, witness and autopsy evidence indicate that Brown was shot in the top of the head as he bull-rushed Officer Wilson.  A grand jury that included three blacks refused an indictment against Officer Wilson.  A subsequent investigation by the Obama Justice Department supported that decision.  Michael Brown was clearly not a victim of police brutality.  Yet the Democrat media still ran with their "hands up, don't shoot" narrative.

The Democrat media, pushing the Russian collusion story in support of a politicized FBI, used the discredited Steele dossier as they sought to destroy Donald Trump, first as a candidate and then through impeachment as the president of the United States.  That the Steele dossier was a product of the Clinton campaign was irrelevant to the Democrat media.  And although Steele's outrageous accusations of Russian collusion and deviant sexual behavior proved to be unsubstantiated, the Democrat media would not be dissuaded in their crusade to destroy Trump.  It is apparent that the Democrat media purposefully misled the American people by focusing on the salacious elements of the Steele dossier while burying its obvious lack of credibility.  Yet the Democrat media portrayed those who saw the Russian collusion fiasco as a hoax as irredeemable Trumpists.  

Despite a lack of clear and convincing evidence demonstrating that Joe Biden was fraudulently elected to the presidency, there were numerous instances of election procedural improprieties in the 2020 presidential race.  Improper election practices involving fraudulent ballots and altered vote totals may not have occurred in the 2020 elections, but unconstitutional COVID-related changes made to election procedures most certainly exposed the process to fraud.  Pennsylvania's Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar, for example, changed voting procedures just two days before the 2020 Election Day.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court later ruled that Boockvar lacked the authority to do so in the absence of approval from the Republican-majority state Legislature.  Yet somehow, the Democrat media portray those who seek to reveal and correct these improprieties as irrational right-wing conspiracy theorists.

Now the Democrat media continually tell the American people that the COVID vaccines are safe and effective.  And perhaps they are.  But questions do remain.  Vaccines once thought to be safe and effective ultimately proved to be dangerous.  The first polio vaccine program in 1955 was halted because it actually caused a polio outbreak.  In 1976, the swine flu vaccine proved to be unsafe as its use increased risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome.  And there are medical professionals with vaccination expertise, such as Dr. Robert Malone, who have expressed serious concerns about the safety and effectiveness of the current COVID vaccines.

Maybe the COVID vaccines are safe and effective for all Americans.  Perhaps the COVID vaccines are appropriate only for those with comorbidities.  No one can know for certain at this point in time.  Yet the Democrat media seem to be certain.  The Democrat media tell the American people that Michael Brown was a victim of police brutality, that Trump colluded with Russia, and that election integrity concerns are unfounded.  The Democrat media also tell America that the COVID vaccines are safe and effective.

Would the Democrat media that intentionally misled the American people on matters as serious as police brutality, impeachment of a president, and election integrity also mislead the American people on the issue of COVID vaccines?  Maybe.  And maybe that is the reason for vaccine hesitancy.    

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