The Pentagon confesses that it lied about killing ISIS operatives

For many years, the American military was the most respected institution in America.  In the seven months of the Biden administration, we've learned that the upper reaches of the Pentagon are partisan, corrupt, possibly treasonous, and totally incompetent.  The latest evidence of this is General McKenzie's confession that the military didn't really kill an "ISIS-K fighter" after Islamists slaughtered thirteen American troops.  Instead, our military drone attack killed an aide worker, seven children, and two other adults.  This is unconscionable, and I have a few points to make.

You're probably familiar with the story already, so I won't belabor the facts.  Here's General McKenzie making the confession:

A few points, in no particular order:

First: Do you remember back in 2007, when Obama was running for president and he accused the military of "air-raiding villages and killing civilians"?  Weird — it turns out he was right — not then, but now.  Back then, our military tried to avoid killing women and children.  Today, our military needed to take a target out for propaganda purposes after the horribly botched withdrawal and subsequent terrorist attack on our troops.  So the Pentagon authorized dropping a bomb on a car filled with water and then told a story to cover for it.  Obama corrupted the military, Trump was unable to turn back the tide, and the full rot is both encouraged and revealed under Biden's incompetent, anti-American "leadership."

Second: We all know that, if ordinary troops in the field had killed that aid worker and seven children, they would have been pilloried in the press, court-martialed, and sent to prison for decades.  However, although General McKenzie claimed that he was responsible, he didn't resign.  Indeed, it appears that nobody is going to be held responsible for this horrific slaughter of the innocents because that's how Biden's military rolls.

Third: If you haven't heard Douglas Murray's totally righteous rant against America's military in 2021, you must.  Sadly, I can't find an authorized video of the rant (one may be available later).  However, for as long as the following video is available, I've cued up Murray's rant.  And if the video is gone, some of the key takeaways are below:

Murray begins by pointing out that Milley's nonstop lies and his colluding with the Chinese have completed degraded the position of chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  A decade ago, that was a respected role, and people would have believed the chairman's statements.

Once you begin to politicize an agency that's meant to represent the whole country, continues Murray, that's a terribly self-destructive move.  Worse, Milley's not the only one.  As far as Murray is concerned, numerous American generals have become political operatives.  Michael Hayden is a perfect example.  A onetime Air Force general, as well as heading the NSA and CIA, he recently tweeted that there is no difference between Trump-supporters and the Taliban.  (This was before the Taliban became our businesslike, reliable partners.)

As far as Murray is concerned, all these military pooh-bahs (my word, not his) have made "total fools of themselves in recent years" (his words, not mine).  The American people are right to be disgusted by the military that their taxes have funded for two decades.  And the real tragedy is that our young men and women in the military have been paying the price in blood.

Now that the cat is out of the bag and we've seen our military and other agency leaders for the corrupt, partisan, incompetent people they are, says Murray, you can't walk that back.  These institutions must be respected to justify their continued existence.

Fourth: Tucker Carlson's rant is pretty darn righteous, too:

In Biden's America, at the uppermost levels, our military has become an incompetent and morally corrupt institution.  This is not the fault of the troops on the ground.  They're doing their best to follow orders that put them and innocent civilians at risk, even as the military partners with our enemies and makes enemies of Americans.  Under these circumstances, no sane members of the military will stay in, and no sane civilians will enlist.  The military can only degrade, becoming a puppet force of uninspired people receptive to the anti-American indoctrination the Pentagon is forcing upon it.

Image: General McKenzie failing to resign. YouTube screen grab.

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