The Left cries 'shadow docket' whenever the Supreme Court rules against them

Words used to hold meaning but now they propagate political terminology for propaganda.

In Congress, sure, there have always been bills with cute names to dupe the public into supporting them or voting for them. Politicians love to use specific phrases and slogans that get everyone going.

But the latest mainstream accusation is laughable.

Last year, most left-leaning voters and “leaders” spent a great deal of time emphasizing the need to change our entire social and political structure based on a virus that turned out to be little more than a bad flu. Because they “cared” so much they vilified anyone who didn’t follow their made-up unscientific rules (that no one voted for) and now they’re upset that their own actions have led to political losses. They were so offended by Donald Trump’s presidency that they were willing to shut down our economy and create wider wealth gaps.

Despite decrying the right as Nazis, and whatever else, the left still thinks they should be in control of all three branches of government as a matter of right, including the judiciary.

When they gained control of the presidency and the legislative branch, things didn’t cool down for them, despite having the president, the House Majority, and the upper hand in the Senate. That was because they didn’t control the Supreme Court. But to conservatives, the Supreme Court is sacred. It’s the last place people can go to challenge our government’s actions when they become tyrannical.

Recently, the Supreme Court upheld Trump’s policy that requires illegal immigrants seeking asylum in Mexico to stay there until legally cleared to enter. It then ended the crippling eviction moratorium that rewarded people for remaining unemployed and not paying for their rented units. Once the Court also ruled in favor of a state law that protects the unborn in Texas, the media started throwing around the term “shadow docket.”

The left claims that the Supreme Court must be investigated because they have ruled in favor of conservatives near midnight during some proceedings. They drummed up the term from a 2015 (conservative) law professor who no one remembers in order to try and undermine the only branch of the government which holds a generally conservative majority. They are claiming that these “midnight rulings” prove that there is a “shadow docket” that goes against “normal procedural regularity.”

They ignore the fact that midnight is usually the deadline for ruling on cases. Midnight rulings are not new, nor are they shady, they are standard protocol. But since the far left is questioning validity on the grounds of upholding “normal procedural regularity,” then they must question pandemic interference, too.

“Normal procedure regularity,” has not existed in the U.S. court system throughout most of the pandemic. The changes were directly linked to leftist overreactions which halted in-person proceedings, and condensed arguments and court procedures to “stop the spread” of COVID.

The Supreme Court closed its doors and went to hearing online arguments. Cases have been scheduled on a limited basis, arguments have been condensed, and standard procedure is no more.

When the Supreme Court refused to examine evidence of voter fraud, the left cheered. No one checked the clock. When it ruled that Oklahoma cannot prosecute serious crimes committed by Native Americans on reservation land, no one heard a peep from the #MeToo movement or #BelieveAllWomen.

Now that the Court has ruled against liberal policies, suddenly the court is doing “backdoor rulings” trying to undermine the system… that’s how liberals see it anyway. Scheduling teleconference court procedures is unprecedented. Hearing arguments online is unknown to our system, but again, liberals had no problem with that. There were no articles calling out anyone for destroying “normal procedural regularity,” when it benefitted them.

These are the people who demanded that everything change, and now that it has, they’re blaming conservatives for the consequences of their own policies. They want control of every branch of the government so that anyone who believes in protecting Americans before immigrants, the unborn before confused mothers, and our right to dissent from our government is silenced if not legally punished.

These are the people who scream tyranny when the legal system follows due process, yet champion violence and destruction in the name of social justice. It’s absurdism at its worst.

When the left screams tyranny they usually embody it. When they call for the protection of rights, you can bet they are in favor of revoking the freedoms of individuals who disagree with them.    

It’s the reason I walked away. It’s the reason I research everything and look to the Constitution for guidance in a time where our “leaders” lack leadership and abuse their authority.

I do not condone any government actions which defy the Constitution. When they rule against what I believe I look to the Constitution and it usually lines up.

I still have faith in the courts. They are our last great hope of upholding the values of American culture.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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