The administration seems to be acting with malice aforethought

A legal term, malice aforethought identifies intentional murder or malicious bodily harm.  From the election to COVID policy to how we left Afghanistan to inflation and the budget to energy policy to our lawless border, there is no way our entire U.S. government is stupid enough to make so many grievous policy decisions without malice and planning.  They're throwing ingredients into the stew pot to create socialism, and it's an unsavory dish.

I am not a "conspiracy theorist," because what I see is real — although leftists use the term against anyone sounding the alarm on any alarming event.  From Hunter's laptop to the election to the border crisis to the delta variant and vaccination, anyone who has questioned the integrity of our government is a "conspiracy theorist."  We have bent over backward to avoid these labels.  No longer!  Our country is being destroyed, and yes, it is a conspiracy or a series of them.  There is simply no other explanation.

The entire COVID fiasco was cooked up in a lab Anthony Fauci funded with taxpayer dollars in China, our number one political, financial, and social enemy.  What better way to eliminate freedom and privacy in our country?  The "curve" wasn't meant to be flattened.  Easy, effective treatments for COVID were banned.  The death count rose in a satisfactorily alarming manner.  Hospitals filled; everyone stayed home, losing a year and a half of life, livelihood, and school; and we hid our shameful faces behind masks.  Ask yourself, who loses and who benefits?

If we used early treatment with repurposed, cheap drugs, which would have helped people under 70 without co-morbidities survive, we wouldn't need the vaccine, except for the elderly and those with other health risks.  There wouldn't have been a blanket emergency use permit.  These are untested drugs, with unknown long-term effects, but stories like this one, although anecdotal, are disturbing.  Look at the alarming VAERS data.  VAERS shows nearly 14,000 vaccine deaths and 18,000 people "permanently disabled."  The CDC stopped tracking whether COVID cases were among the vaccinated or unvaccinated in May.  Yesterday's American Thinker article by Brian Joondeph outlines clearly the ramifications of having done so.  Another ignored issue, head-in-the-sand government, media complicit, abetted by tech.

Two interviews with Dr. Robert Malone, who was an initial developer of the mRNA vaccine, sound alarm bells as well.  The most salient takeaway?  Vaccinating during an epidemic causing the virus to evolve rapidly and dangerously.  Watch the interviews.

Add in the border mess.  A rapid influx of poor people with myriad third-world health problems, no education, no skills, and plenty of COVID infections.  All disbursed willy-nilly around the country.  They focus government resources on the people who don't pay taxes.

Then inflate the currency by printing boatloads of money, and what each of us has or earns or saves becomes far less.  Then up the budget to unheard of levels, and tax us all more!  We lost autonomy, and soon (if they get their way), all will become more beholden to the largesse of government.  Just like Venezuela, that dimming star of South America.

Add Afghanistan to the stew pot.  First, we abandon our secure airbase in the dead of night, leaving all our ordnance and equipment behind and free a couple of prison-loads of radical jihadists.  Then we say "no thanks" when the Taliban offer to let us control all of Kabul, not just the airport, temporarily.  We hand them all the biometrics on our people still in-country and neglect to arrange for any of our citizens or the people who helped them over the last 20 years to be transported out.  Now they're all hostages.  Imagine life inside those six airplanes, sitting for days on the field.

Yet we grab a hundred thousand older, random, low-I.Q., non-English-speaking inbred menand their forced child brides, and give them a golden ticket.  These are the kind of men who gang-raped a disabled woman in Sweden.  The type of men who have been torturing women in Afghanistan since we left.  Why bring them here?

Then there's Biden begging OPEC to increase oil production after closing our hard won Keystone pipeline.  I don't know about where you live, but here in California, if you have to commute, the cost just rose astronomically, squeezing families even more.

There's somebody in charge or a bunch of somebodies.  I doubt they are the members of Biden's Cabinet.  Ric Grenell just mentioned on air (on Stuart Varney's FOX show) that the president doesn't even remember the names of his Cabinet members.  Ric thinks Susan Rice is formulating our foreign policy.  She, of the erstwhile "Fundamentally Transform America" crew, the Obama administration.

If we don't want to fundamentally transform our country into a hellhole, it's time to loudly badger our elected representatives, making them take action.  Speak the truth so they can't help but hear us.  Hold them accountable, along long with the fake news media and the technocrats who allow the Taliban to have a voice on Twitter but cancel patriots.

Image: Scary Fairytale by The Neutered Satirist.

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