Stand by for violence, maybe terrorism, coming from unvetted Afghan male 'refugees'

Putting the Taliban in charge of who gets into Kabul Airport for flights out of country during Biden's abrupt surrender is right up there among the stupidest blunders of the catastrophe.  Maybe not quite as disastrous as handing over Bagram Air Base and leaving behind scores of billions of dollars of advanced equipment, but in the long run, who knows?  One or a handful of terrorists flown to the United States on airplanes paid for by you and me could pull off another 9/11.

At a minimum, we know that totally unvetted inhabitants of a country that lives by a seventh-century code of Islamic conduct have been flown into the heartland by the thousands.

Fort McCoy in Wisconsin lies in some of the bucolic countryside of the Dairy State.  In my youth, I passed by it a number of times driving to Chicago from my hometown, and I was impressed by its sheer size.

Now it houses thousands of Afghans, almost all males.  Wisconsin Right Now reports:

U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany says that, of the approximately 2,000 evacuees from Afghanistan at Wisconsin's Fort McCoy when he visited recently, "none of them were there on a special immigration visas." He claimed that the Fort McCoy Afghan refugees are not properly vetted.

He also says that the Afghan refugees are allowed to leave the base unsupervised "including without the authority of the general." (Note: Since Tiffany's comments on Aug. 31, the number of Afghan refugees has ballooned to 8,000. It's not clear how many of the new refugees have SIVs.)

Those SIVs, explained Tiffany, are visas that involve a "thorough vetting process that can take up to two years to find out if a person should be coming to the United States." Tiffany made the comments on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News on Aug. 31, 2021.

"I was at Fort McCoy last Friday where there are 2,000 evacuees from Afghanistan; what we found out is none of them were there on a special immigration visa. They were all there on parole," Tiffany said in the interview.

According to Tiffany, parole authority is "granted to the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, and he can just waive people in. The Biden administration has circumvented the SIV process, and they're just bringing people on parole."

How well do you suppose they will blend in with the friendly rural fold of southern Wisconsin?  Did you know that young women in Wisconsin, many of them blondes, do not walk around in burkas?  By the standards of orthodox Islam as practiced by the Taliban, they are shameless sluts who need to be taught a lesson.

One indication of what lies ahead comes from Europe, where earlier waves deposited Afghan males in their societies.  Via the U.K. Daily Mail:

A 29-year-old Afghan man in Germany repeatedly stabbed a 58-year-old landscape gardener who was working in a park in Berlin, allegedly because he didn't like the fact that as a woman she was working, police said Sunday.

The man stabbed the woman in the neck several times in the city's Wilmersdorf district on Saturday afternoon. 

A 66-year-old man who saw the attack unfold rushed to help the woman but was also stabbed in the neck by the suspect.  

AS usual, there is equivocation and an unwillingness to face Islamic theology as practiced in a number of the 57 official Islamic States:

Police said in a statement the suspect may suffer from a mental illness. However, prosecutors and criminal police are also investigating him on suspicion that his attack may have been motivated by Islamist ideology.

The Koran and Hadith, regarded as the absolute word of God, instruct Muslims to behave in a number of ways inconsistent (shall we say) with modern life as practiced in the West.  No amount of "nation-building" or lectures by American feminists can change their mindset.

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