So much for experts: Biden fires Trump-appointed advisory experts in favor of Soviet-style party hacks

Joe Biden in his 2020 basement presidential campaign made a big deal about his quest for "unity" and the importance of taking the advice of "experts."

That's now a joke. It got obvious last week when we learned he chased out two top Food and Drug Administration research scientists, both strict non-partisans (I checked), from their positions, in a string of such exits. White House interference, specifically from truth-challenged White House chief science advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, was what Biden meant by 'experts.'

Now it gets worse. Turns out a whole host of unpaid Trump-appointed advisors on departmental advisory boards, with fixed three-year terms -- at Defense, Education, Homeland Security, and more -- have been fired. The boards are historically bipartisan -- "advisory bodies that can offer suggestions and a different perspective from service academy leadership on a variety of issues, ranging from diversity to education" as the Washington Times put it. Now they're not.

It was also apparently legal, the same way a president can fire the chairman of the Federal Reserve, but normally doesn't do it. Some argue it's not legal and we know that Biden doesn't care if something is legal. However, we know for sure it was against precedent. After all, recall that Obama spin operative, Ben Rhodes, whose expertise is creative writing, and Obama White House advisor Valerie Jarrett, whose expertise is slum-lording, got themselves advisory positions at the Kennedy Center at the end of Obama's term, and President Trump left them alone to serve out their terms. 

Biden's rationale is quite mendacious, given White House spokesweasel Jen Psaki had to say:

“The president’s objective is what any president’s objective is: to ensure you have nominees and people serving on these boards who are qualified to serve on them and who are aligned with your values,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday. “The president’s qualification requirements are not your party registration. They are whether you’re qualified to serve and if you are aligned with the values of this administration.”

Not qualified?

Let's look at who's been chased out:

At the service academies' Board of Visitors:

H.R. McMaster, a three-star general and graduate of West Point, identified on his Wikipedia page by the army's chief of staff as "probably our best Brigadier General." He served as Trump's National Security Advisor but left on negative terms and Trump actually speaks ill of him. He's somehow not an expert? He doesn't even have the scent of Trump on him but somehow he's not an expert.

Sean Spicer, make that Commander Sean Spicer, who serves in the U.S. Navy Reserve, and like McMaster, left under a cloud in the Trump administration, too. Spicer's Wikipedia page says: "In 1999, Spicer joined the United States Navy Reserve as a public affairs officer; he currently holds the rank of Commander.[38] As of December 2016, he was assigned to the Joint Chiefs of Staff's naval reserve contingent in Washington, D.C.,[39] and in 2017 was a member of the Department of Defense Criminal Investigative Task Force." But somehow he's not an expert, either.

Kellyanne Conway made a spirited defense of herself and her qualifications for the board as well, noting that as one of President Trump's aides, she continuously dealt with military family issues. But somehow, she knows nothing. Perhaps that makes sense to the Biden team given that they consider military families nothing. See here.

Not qualified? Non-experts? Don't think so.

Here's more nonsense from the Homeland Security board firings, which happened in May:

Thomas Homan, former director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and somehow he's no expert? 

Ken Cuccinelli, former deputy director of Homeland Security, and somehow he's no expert?

Here's one from the San Francisco Presidio Trust, with a firing that happened in June:

Michael Savage, famous as a radio host, but more to the point decades-long San Francisco resident and environmental activist, with a Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley in a related botanical discipline. He's not an expert, either? (And by the way, look at the political hacks he was replaced with -- four people best-known for their money.)

Now for some ugly:

Over at one of the Department of Education's advisory boards, here are two who got fired by Biden, too, in September:

Steve Hanke, economics professor at Johns Hopkins University, probably the world's foremost monetary expert, with a string of accomplishments in currency, statistics, and on the ground experience quite unlike any other economist. Get a load of his work listed here. That's not an expert?

John Yoo: Professor of Law at the University of California, at Berkeley, with expertise in Constitutional and international law. He's not an expert?

Note that both he and Hanke have somehow managed to survive in prestigious leftist academic institutions that otherwise reward woke-ism -- their expertise is too great so they're still there despite the leftism of academia.

Now Biden is trying to smear even these heavyweights as somehow not knowing much about education? It's a little rich coming from the Bidenite bunch.

What's interesting here is that Hanke and Yoo, unlike the others, are suing through the Pacific Legal Foundation, on Marbury vs. Madison grounds, one of the basics of Supreme Court cases that everyone learns about.

As Professors Steve Hanke and John Yoo, wrote this week in the WSJ:

Like Marbury, our case starts with a refusal to deliver presidential commissions. White House officials notified us in early January that the president had signed and the secretary of state had processed our commissions. With that, we became federal officers. But the Education Department won’t deliver the commissions or even acknowledge their existence.

In 1801 President John Adams signed William Marbury’s commission as a justice of the peace, but Thomas Jefferson became president before Marbury’s commission had been delivered. Jefferson and Secretary of State James Madison refused to recognize Marbury’s appointment and deliver his commission. In a decision written by Chief Justice John Marshall, the high court found that Adams’s signature had made Marbury’s appointment final and that refusal to deliver the commission was “violative of a vested legal right.”

Pacific Legal Foundation notes that there's a lot of good they could do, but can't do now with this Bidenite phony claim about expertise and their values rap.

This isn’t just about seeking a historical memento of a professional honor conveyed by the president. Hanke and Yoo are eager to begin their important oversight work on the NBES.

Which might be something like evaluating and advising on the historic rigor of the 1619 Project that Biden wants to indoctrinate public school kids with, perhaps. That would run roughly parallel to the oversight that the service academy board members might lay a judgment in with given all the problems of wokester education at the service academies which produce graduates like this.

Or maybe something uglier.

Does anyone know where the Department of Education's portfolio of Obama-nationalized student loans might be? Seems we haven't heard from them for years. Hanke, in particular, an investment expert, would know where to find where all the bodies are buried on that one. The Biden administration knows that he knows about their favorite kinds of money corruption.

Some have noted that problem also with the defense group firings.

According to the Washington Times:

U.S. Rep. Mark Green, Tennessee Republican, is a West Point graduate and member of the school’s Board of Visitors. His appointment to the panel was a result of his position in Congress. In a statement released Wednesday, Mr. Green accused Mr. Biden of “brazenly breaking the law” by firing the 18 Trump appointees.

“Is he afraid they’ll conduct actual oversight into the very important challenges each academy faces?” Mr. Green said. “Is he afraid they will shine [a] light on what is being taught at these academies — like Critical Race Theory? Now more than ever, our public institutions need oversight — not political engineering.”

That's what these oversight boards are for. They weren't fired because they weren't experts ... but because they were.

What we have here is these firings is a replacement of bipartisan experts who can identify genuine problems and give sound advice, with strict 'yes-men' hacks, which effectively means no oversight at all. With the cats away, the rats are ready to play and one wonders what they've got in mind. In firing the bipartisan members of these oversight committees, it's pretty obvious that Joe would like some shenanigans ignored, or a mere one point of view in his government advisories of blotting-paper-faced yes-men the better to politicize the departments in question. It's like the Soviets used to do, and it's ugly.

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