So, NeverTrumps, are you happy now with Biden?

Five years ago, the Trump base could not understand the NeverTrump Republicans who were willing to have the horrible Hillary Clinton in the White House, not the Trump they loathed.  Thank G-d, that did not come to pass.

But today — there is a curious silence in the NeverTrump camp now that they have succeeded in getting the loathed Trump out of the White House...for Biden.  Does anyone hear a Bret Stephens, a William Kristol — even Liz Cheney, whooping and hollering in gleeful jubilation that with President Biden in the White House, the Oval Office is Trump-rein

I don't hear these faux Republican malcontents praising Biden to the heavens — Biden, who probably can't distinguish COVID-19 from the common cold, Biden, who is a serial liar and likely a sociopath, Biden, whose idea of policy is to reverse whatever Trump did (but not necessarily on Afghanistan).  Consider, too, for all the slurs, lies, and contumely hurled at Mr. Trump, no one ever suggested that someone was sending him instructions — except of course the base lie that Putin was his puppet master.  The anti-Trump calumnies included the phony assertion that President Trump was mentally challenged, not fit to be president.  But that was sheer propaganda, indulged in by the NeverTrump Republicans, happily joining the rabid, radical left, with both groups terminally beset by Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Does one hear of Biden Derangement Syndrome?  Fact is, if we were to hear of this malady, the sole person afflicted would be Biden himself.

The truth is that while the NeverTrump crowd still belch fire and brimstone at the thought of a re-elected President Trump come 2024, we don't hear them crowing about how much better off the country is now that Biden has defeated him.

The false charges that Trump could not handle the economy, the coronavirus, relations with our nation's allies — these and more have become valid criticisms of Biden's presidency.  The NeverTrump crowd joined the left in opposing — for the sake of opposing — the Trump policy on immigration, particularly with respect to the southern border.  It is now generally conceded, except for the rabid, radical left, that Biden's border policy is a disaster, if he has a border policy at all.

Consider the sorry case of Liz Cheney, who never misses an opportunity to badmouth Mr. Trump with the most specious of accusations.  Has anyone heard her boast how wonderful the country is with Biden at the helm?  How could she when there is absolutely no cause for such boasting?  And what of the people who doubt that he is at the helm?  Their number must be legion.

And let's not overlook poll numbers.  The Trump-loathing Republicans shouted with schadenfreude at poll numbers showing Mr. Trump's to be in the mid- to low- 40s.  But with the media incessantly defaming him personally, and covering up his successes in domestic and foreign policy, it is a wonder that his poll numbers were over 40% positive.  Yet with the media covering up Biden's failures, with the media ignoring his mental lapses, with the media spiking evidence of Biden family corruption — Biden's actual poll numbers are not much better than the artificially depressed numbers of Donald Trump.

It is as if a power greater than all of us decided: "Okay, NeverTrump malcontents, you bore false witness against Donald Trump?  Now see how fares the nominee you worked so mightily to elect over Trump — so that the people will realize that you do not work for the common good of the society, as Madison called for in Federalist No. 57, just your narrow, self-serving interests.

Heavens, even the Trump-loathing Peggy Noonan has been forced to admit: Biden "no longer comes across as empathetic, much less serious."  As my late mom, Annie Zukerman, would say: NeverTrump crowd, "you made your bed.  Now lie in it."

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