So how did 15,000 Haitians suddenly find their way to Del Rio, Texas?

The migrant mass of some 15,000 mostly Haitians now illegally on U.S. territory in a squalid, never-before-seen shantytown under a bridge near Del Rio, Texas, demands some answers.

Here's how bad it is:

It's natural to want to know how this formed? Why is it so big? Why did it end up at Del Rio, Texas, a town ill-equipped to accommodate them? How did these people fly or sail from faraway Haiti? Are more on the way? And where the heck is Joe Biden and his brainless, disengaged border czar, Kamala Harris? Joe was last seen at the beach in Delaware as this crisis fireballed and Harris was last seen flipping a coin to kick off a sports event. The only actual action from this administration in this monster crisis has been a hamfisted attempt to shut down a Fox News drone in a bid to halt photos of the specter from being broadcast to the public.

Many people are asking:

We do have one clue: Open-borders Democrats are promoting a phony narrative to argue for letting them in:

It's fake and the answers to these questions show it. The actual story is stunning.

The Center for Immigration Studies, sent a senior researcher named Todd Bensman to ask those questions on the ground, going to the immigrants themselves, and he came up with a doozy of an answer:

The surprising answer, which the migrants provided independently in different places and at different times, was universal: on Sunday, September 12, the Mexican government effectively sent a mass of migrants it had bottled up for months in its southern states up to the American border. This move, which appears to have been done under the cover of Mexico's independence week of celebration known as El Grito, essentially foisted a humanitarian problem onto the Americans in a single week.

Mexico was the one who did it. Turns out Joe Biden promised them some things and based on the available information, apparently never delivered. Mexico's response to that was comparable to that of the underpaid wedding photographer who deleted a camera full of wedding photos after the callous client denied her a bathroom or meal break after a multi-hour shift. They had been penning up thousands of illegal Haitian migrants on their southern border in the town of Tapachula from entering the U.S. and opened the floodgates, all to teach Joe Biden a lesson about messing with them.

So much for Joe Biden's vaunted 'diplomacy is back' claim -- he can't even manage the U.S. Diplomacy 101 task of managing relations with our nearest neighbor, Mexico. Biden had been touted in the press for his supposed foreign policy expertise but he's beyond incompetent of this, managing to severely alienate both France and Mexico, and sure enough, Mexico has already bit back. 

As for why they all chose to head for Del Rio, Bensman found the answer to that, too - migrants were told that cartels did not hold sway over that crossing as they did at other illegal crossings, and so, migrants could get across without paying 'fees' to the cartels for the privilege of entering the U.S. illegally. And it certainly helped matters for them that Joe Biden halted the border wall.

The Bensman report is positively fascinating in its detail and very well written, so be sure to read the whole thing here.

An additional factor in this surge was pointed out by Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas:

An added sweetener from Biden as Mexico stared disbelievingly? You decide.

Supposedly, the deportation flights are starting up, but that is going to present problems, too. Based on a report from the New York Times a day or so ago, most are not actually from Haiti anymore, they are resettled refugees from countries such as Brazil, who cannot claim refugee status since being settled. They are economic migrants who are now country-shopping for better benefits packages and prospects. That's not the same as refugees in flight, much as Julian Castro would have us think. 

What we have here is a broken border, and an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, brought on by Joe Biden's failure of basic diplomacy.  He's out hiding at the beach these days, but he needs to be held accountable to Congress for this stunning breach of basic presidential competency. He's alienating allies left and right and now Mexico's responding by siccing indigent illegal migrants on us. Where is the accountability in this Biden-created crisis? Mr. Diplomacy strikes again, and like Afghanistan, it's a disaster for the country.

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