Sharpton gets shouted down by Hispanics at Del Rio, Texas border

There's no charlatan like an old charlatan.

And in the wake of the migrant surge at the border, out comes race-hustler Rev. Al Sharpton from some blue city back east to Del Rio, Texas, to howl about all the supposed racism of the Border Patrol attempting to do their actual jobs, sending people breaking into the U.S. illegally back across the Rio Grande.  For Sharpton, that wasn't an opportunity to opine about the humanitarian crisis and the failure of the Biden administration to protect local communities, but an opportunity to do the cuckoo clock thing, and race-bait, cynically using the fact that most of the illegal crossers were dark-skinned Haitians as fodder.

According to the Washington Examiner:

"We went for an hour and toured the place that we feel is a real catastrophic and human disgrace as people around this world watch the Border Patrol use slave-like techniques — mounted on horses. It compelled us to come and show our voices and our presence," Sharpton said, fighting to speak over at least two male protesters in the crowd who attempted to drown him out.

Heckles and boos from locals are nothing new for Sharpton — just google "Sharpton booed" — who carried on as if nothing were happening.  This time hecklers shouted Sharpton down with:

"How much money are you making?"

"Nobody wants you in Texas!  Get out with your racism!  This is a loving community.  Get out of Texas!"

"Why are you here advocating for violence?"

"Our border patrol agents are not racist.  Our Border Patrol agents are heroes!" 

"Nobody wants to hear your racist nonsense in Del Rio!"

"Stop with the race-baiting!"

The funniest line of this video shows a big classic Texas Bubba throwing up his hands at the end and stating: "Surely!  You didn't figure anything different than this?"

According to the young reporter describing the event on this video for local station KEN5:

This is actually the first time that we saw people from the community come out and really have their voices heard, when a politician was speaking about what was happening here on the border.

This is actually pretty damning. 

What Sharpton, a man with absolutely zero grasp of the realities of the unguarded U.S. border and the humanitarian crisis it's causing, is trying to do is change the narrative of the matter to benefit Democrats.  He's trying to make the monstrous event into a classic inner-city race-bait incident, making the Border Patrol agents doing the jobs they were trained to do into Bull Connor–style civil rights–violators. 

The locals in Del Rio, population 35,000, and 86% Latino origin, are having none of it.  While shouting a speaker down is usually pretty obnoxious, it's pretty obvious that the "first generation" likely Latino man doing most of it in the video was trying to keep the focus on the actual problem as it was seen from beleaguered Del Rio instead of allowing Sharpton to change the narrative for the benefit of his big-dollar Democrats elsewhere who are financing him.

If what Sharpton said couldn't get through, then the story becomes about the heckling from locals, not Sharpton's bid to re-frame the narrative as a re-run of what happened in the Jim Crow South sixty years ago.

As an act, it was old, very old, and truly pathetic.  This time, the Hispanic locals in Del Rio actually said "no" and did what they could to stop the fawning media from making themselves his lackeys.  It might have been the right response, albeit kind of a ragged one.  The peculiars are, to say the least, non-standard: the man shouting the most had a can of some drink in his hand and was wearing a press vest.  A local station reported that he was representing "Border Report News," which comes up as this Border Report site on a Google search.  I suspect that's not the agency, given its even-tempered reporting, but perhaps it was.

The big story here is not anything Sharpton could say, but that the Hispanics of the border towns are abandoning Democrats and all their establishment narratives in droves.  Someone local did a shout-down of Sharpton, and a bigger local news agency, KEN5, pretty well defended him.

Something bad is going on for Democrats and their bid to open the border because the Hispanic locals who live in the area are refusing to stand for it.

Image: Screen shot from KEN5 video, via shareable YouTube.

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