Predators’ ball in Chicago as citizens unprotected from violent criminals and psychopaths

Chicago may be the worst example of an American city that allows the deranged and the criminally inclined to roam the streets and prey on law-abiding citizens, but the problem is national in scope, particularly in major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and St. Louis, where Soros-funded prosecutors are in charge.

Two items from CWBChicago demonstrate the extent of the depravity. First:

Prosecutors on Saturday accused a man with a long history of violent attacks in Streeterville and the Near North Side of stabbing a 24-year-old woman to death as she worked at Chase Bank, 600 North Dearborn, this week.

Jawaun Westbrooks, 35, was ordered held without bail by Cook County Judge John Lyke after Assistant State’s Attorney Ashley Romito laid out the state’s allegations and Westbrooks’ history.

Jessica Vilaythong was helping a customer in her cubicle at the bank when Westbrooks walked in around 11:12 a.m. Wednesday, Romito said. When Vilaythong got up to him, he turned around, walked toward her quickly, pulled a knife from his waist, and stabbed her in the left side of her neck one time, according to Romito.

Ms. Vilaythong later died of her wounds. Westbrooks was apprehended, but he should never have been on the streets in the first place. Incidentally, Ms. Vilaythong appears to be of Asian descent, and I don’t think Westbrooks is a white supremacist or Trump voter enraged at his calling Covid a Chinese virus.

Chicago PD via CWBChicago

Westbrooks has an extensive violent criminal history that courts have linked to severe psychiatric problems. Romito detailed several violent incidents from his past, all of which unfolded in the downtown area.

On July 8, 2014, he struck two women in their heads with a hammer as they walked past him on the 400 block of North Lower Lake Shore Drive near Navy Pier, she said. The women were both hospitalized with head injuries from the attack. Police arrested Westbrooks nearby. During a bench trial, a judge found him not guilty of attempted murder and not guilty of aggravated battery by reason of insanity. Westbrooks was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility.

Involuntarily committed, but years later out on the street… and on parole, but still dangerous:

The Chicago Tribune reported in 2014 that Westbrooks had the word “kill” tattooed to his left hand. His mother also spoke to the paper (snip)

When he attacked the women, Westbrooks was on parole for a 2012 attempted robbery in Streeterville, Romito said. In that case, he asked a woman for her phone in the 200 block f East Chicago and then knocked her to the ground when she ignored him. The woman struck her head on the pavement and looked up to see Westbrooks smile before he walked away, Romito said. Police arrested Westbrooks two blocks away and he later pleaded guilty in exchange for a two-year sentence.

At the time of the attempted robbery, he was on probation for aggravated battery of two police officers at 10 East Chicago, according to Romito. In that case, he punched one cop directly in the face and pushed another. He originally received probation, but he was re-sentenced to serve two years concurrent to the attempted robbery case.

In 2009, he was charged with punching an officer in the eye and spitting in the face of another cop on the 400 block of East Ohio, Romito said. A judge found him not guilty by reason of insanity and involuntarily committed him in 2011.

Westbrooks is not an isolated case. Consider this from the same city, same day and same website:

A Chicago police detective commander on Friday took the unusual step of overriding prosecutors’ decision not to pursue murder charges against a man suspected of killing a 7-year-old girl and injuring her young sister on the Northwest Side, according to a police source. But the commander was himself overruled when CPD leaders decided to avoid a public confrontation with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

It’s at least the second time in three weeks that prosecutors have refused to approve charges in a high-profile murder case for Area Five investigators.

The prosecutors work for Kim Foxx, elected with Soros money. And they want people who want to hurt you and me out on the streets.

hat tip: Peter von Buol

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