Loudoun County's school board stops at nothing to prevent Matt Walsh from speaking

Loudoun County, Virginia, America’s richest county, is a Washington, D.C.’s bedroom community. That proximity to D.C. probably explains why Democrats hold seven out of the nine seats on the school board, leading the school district to embrace both Critical Race Theory and gender madness. Now that its leftist antics have gained it national attention, Loudoun’s school district is violating state rules—and engaging in conduct it would surely consider racist for elections—to shut down commentary. Its loudest critic, though, managed a perfect end-run around the rule.

The Loudoun County Public Schools district (“LCPS”) has spent tens of thousands of dollars training teachers to teach Critical Race Theory (“CRT”), which categorically derides all Whites as racists and all Blacks as victims and that attacked “heterosexism” and parental control. The result of this racist, zero-sum thinking was that the district become notorious for canceling several Dr. Seuss books, while teachers formed a cabal to attack any parents who objected to CRT.

LCPS has also embraced wholeheartedly the idea of the “transgender” fad, even though there’s no scientific support for this theory. This fad is as evil as witch-burning given the number of lives it destroys, whether it’s the deluded people who are chemically and surgically mutilated or the sane ones hounded out of the public square for trying to stop this madness. For example, the LCPS board fired a teacher who stated at a public board meeting that he cannot in good conscience use anti-science pronouns. The Virginia Supreme Court reversed that firing but it remains to be seen whether the teacher can be fired again for violating the policy in his classroom.

Of course, we know the hypocrisy behind all this virtue signaling. It’s one thing if parents vote to flood poor Hispanic and Black communities with potentially dangerous illegal aliens from Haiti and Afghanistan. It’s another thing entirely if schools in those same Blue communities say that it's systemically racist for your White son to attend an Ivy League college or that your daughter must share a locker room or compete in sports with a fully equipped male who insists he’s a girl. Still, the leftist hysteria endangers children and liberty, so it needs to be stopped.

Matt Walsh, a celebrated political commentator, is now making it his business to speak out against school board madness whenever school boards institute policies about makes, CRT, or transgenderism. And he’s very, very good, as a viral video of him at a Nashville school board meeting shows:

Walsh, therefore, announced that he was going to appear at the Loudoun County’s September 28 school board meeting to speak out about its transgender policies. The school board instantly panicked. First, it tried to keep him from speaking by moving public comment from 6 p.m. to 5 p.m., the time at which the rally was to be held. The Walsh team simply shifted the rally to a time an hour earlier.

Then, the board violated state law by changing commenting rules without first holding a public hearing and vote on the matter. Under the illegal new rule, all speakers must be Loudoun County residents, business owners, students or their parents in LCPS, or LCPS employees. And here’s the kicker: To prove their qualifications, they must provide a raft of proofs showing their protected status, such as driver’s licenses, lease agreements, utility bills, etc. What makes this so funny is that, by the left’s own metrics, demanding ID to exercise constitutional rights is inherently racist.

What the school board ignores is that it gets over $32 million annually from the federal government. Therefore, every one of us who pays federal taxes is a shareholder in the LCPS and is entitled to a say. Also, as Walsh points out, leftists feel free to opine on local issues around the country:

Thankfully, Matt Walsh is smarter than that whole school board put together. Therefore, he pulled the perfect troll to gain standing to speak under the board’s illegal new rules:

Bravo, Mr. Walsh. Well played!

Image: Matt Walsh reading the riot act to the Nashville school board. Twitter screen grab.

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