Look past the hand-waving, and you'll see a wide open Mexican border

Soon after Bill Melugin of Fox News began beaming drone footage of the many thousands of Haitians gathered under the bridge in Del Rio, Texas, Biden's open borders zealot in charge of DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas, ordered two nearby border checkpoints abandoned.  The reason given was to redirect those personnel to help process the Haitians. 

The media reported that those checkpoints had been "closed," leading the viewer to believe that traffic had been rerouted.  But that was not the case.  The fifty thousand vehicles those checkpoints inspect during an average week continued to move through, only now no one was checking them for drugs or trafficked humans.  This happened while Mayorkas was giving a news conference under the Del Rio bridge, insisting that the U.S. border was definitely "not open."  In fact, the border in the Del Rio sector was wide open.

As of Friday night, those two Border Patrol checkpoints were still abandoned and our border was left unprotected.  Interestingly, the migrant camp under the bridge had also been abandoned. 

We are told that DHS detained, released, or deported all sixteen thousand of the Haitians well ahead of schedule.  As of Friday, only about 1,400 were confirmed deported by the administration.  Mayorkas and White House spokesperson, Jen Psaki, told us they couldn't say how many had been released or detained — which would seem to be a pretty easy number to total, even for the Biden administration.

But how many of those migrants simply walked back across the weir dam into Mexico and boarded cartel vehicles to be ferried through the abandoned checkpoints?  Remember, the cartels traffic migrants for a claim on their future earnings, so they have a stake in making sure they are not deported or detained.

There was much discussion this week, on TV and in print, wondering whether Biden's migrant invasion is a result of incompetence or if it's intentional.  Clearly, what we saw in Del Rio and at those checkpoints had the effect of allowing as many illegal aliens into America as possible.  It could not have been engineered more effectively.

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