Leftists have destroyed yet another great institution

I've written before about the fact that the leftists at the San Francisco Unified School District were able to use COVID to achieve a long-desired dream: they killed the special academic status of Lowell High School, which had been, for decades, one of the top schools in America.  The problem was that Black and Hispanic students were having problems qualifying for admission to Lowell.  Rather than raising them up, the leftists dragged Lowell down.  And nothing shows this more than the two-page introduction to the new administration at Lowell or the racist material on the website.

While I know that most of you don't care about Lowell, the school's boastful handout about its administration as it embarks on a new school year is noteworthy because it is a microcosm of the leftism that has infected just about every school, whether public or private, in America.  It is a reminder that the best thing you can do to drag America back from the precipice is to get involved in your local school board.

You can see the handout for yourself here.  There are a few things to note.

From the very first sentence, the new principle makes it clear that what matters is leftism, not academics.  "June was full of reasons to celebrate: Juneteenth, San Francisco's 51st Pride and the full reopening of our city!"  Oh, yay!  Ninth-graders should definitely start their new school year at a new school thinking about Dykes on Bikes.

Then there's Kahlila Mae Liverpool, the assistant principal of policy, accountability & safety (as well as being one of two "Instructional & Equity Leaders").  And no, I'm not assuming her gender.  Every one of these new administrators includes his pronouns.  I guess we should be grateful that none has they/them, zhe/zhis, or rainbow/snake as pronouns.

Liverpool's little bio, though, irked me because of the announcement that she got "a Master of Public Administration from San José State University."  Did you catch that little accent at the end of "Jose"?  I'd never seen this before, and I've known about both San Jose and its university my entire life.  A visit to the website, though, revealed that this American university has rechristened itself San José State University.  The woke administration is either under the illusion that it's now operating out of Latin America or it's part of the La Raza movement, which claims that California still belongs to Mexico.

And then there's the logo at the bottom of the letter.  The school has abandoned any pretense that its goals involve academic excellence, which was Lowell's hallmark for over seven decades.  Instead, it's either squishy cheerleading or pure leftism:

The text is a little small to read, so allow me to share it with you in a clear font:

  • Student Centered: We put students' needs first
  • Fearless: We persist through challenges
  • United: We celebrate and build each other's strengths
  • Social Justice: We stand with those most vulnerable in our community
  • Diversity Driven: We respect and seek to understand each person

And then there's the racism that is now an integral part of the school.  If you go to the school's webpage you'll learn that it boasts that "Lowell High School supports the Black Lives Matter movement" and urges people to "support the movement forever."

Indeed, Lowell has a resource page to help its students understand things such as "White Supremacy Culture."  The whole thing is grossly violative of the Civil Rights Act insofar as it's as racist against Whites as the KKK was against Blacks or the Nazis were against Jews, but that's the norm in American public education.

I used to be so proud to be a Lowell grad.  I'm now deeply embarrassed and think it would have been better for Lowell had the school board simply disassembled it brick by brick rather than demeaning and destroying it in this way.  Everything the left touches, it destroys.

Image: Lowell High School (edited).  Public domain.

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