Leftists cheer as a violent man assaults a woman

Mixed Martial Arts took a serious hit the other day when the sport allowed a man to beat a woman brutally and then claim a victory for having done so.  ESPN, others in the leftist establishment, and the Combate Global competition were all incredibly excited about this violent, misogynistic event.  Worse, the man had trained for years in the United States Army's Special Forces.  Why was this all condoned — indeed, applauded?  Because the man suffers from body dysphoria, which has led him to believe that he's a woman.  I feel sorry for him, but — and this is the important point — he's not a woman, and it's a travesty that people pretend he is.

The story is a simple one (with my corrections):

The second openly transgender MMA fighter in the US has won her his debut match — reigniting the debate over trans fake women in sports.

Alana McLaughlin, 38, won her his first professional fight in the Combate Global prelims Friday against Celine Provost, ending the match with a rear-naked choke 3 minutes and 32 seconds into the second round. 

McLaughlin, from South Carolina, began her his transition superficial augmentation in 2010 after spending six years in the US Army special forces. 

Because Ryan McLaughlin (who now goes by Alana) is 38, that means he started taking women's hormones only when he was 27.  By that time, he had a fully developed male musculature and bone structure, not to mention years of military special forces training.

I actually am qualified to comment about this, because I did MMA fighting for years.  I was never good — I started way too late in life — but I've faced off against both men and women in kickboxing and ground fighting.  Because I'm very small, everyone was bigger than I was.  Everyone, male or female, had to hold back for me.

However, I can tell you without even a second's hesitation that the male fighters, from teenage boys on up to men in their 60s, had to hold back more, much more, than the women did when fighting me.  All of the males had denser bones and stronger muscles than the females.

And when I was fighting a beginner, I got hurt, because beginners don't know how to pull their punches.  Women's uncontrolled punches and kicks made me flinch; teenage boys' and men's uncontrolled strikes sent me home with huge bruises and a desperate need for ibuprofen.

It's absolutely unconscionable for a grown man with military training to get into a ring with a woman, no matter how good she is.  Nevertheless, the lefties were thrilled.  At Pink News, the story was about how McLaughlin was a victim of transphobia because the whole world wasn't thrilled with his victory.  The British Guardian did a whole story prefight about McLaughlin's miserable life before he was able to get surgery and hormones and then pretend that he's a woman.  Again, he's not.

Reading the Guardian story, it's clear that McLaughlin has been a deeply unhappy person for most of his life.  Mental illness isn't easy.  He was raped as a young child, which probably goes a long way to explaining his mental illness.  Add to that the fact that he was small and picked on, and his parents were unsympathetic to his plight, and you really have to feel pity for him.

Frankly, it's nice that we live in a time and place that allows McLaughlin to leave his abused and unappreciated male body behind to play out his fantasy that he's really a woman.  That's how a free country should work.

However, the fact that McLaughlin has that freedom does not change the fact that he's still a man — and in a sane country, a man doesn't get applauded for climbing into a sports ring and beating up a woman.  You can see that he beat Celine Provost bloody before choking her out:

And it doesn't make it better that Provost was stupid enough to go all politically correct and agree to the fight.  Her stupidity doesn't change McLaughlin's brutality.

And then there's what he looked like while in the military:

As you can see, he was so packed with muscles that he looked like a cartoon character.  McLaughlin shouldn't be proud of himself; he should be ashamed and disgusted.  And I'm not the only one who feels this way:

So no, Ryan McLaughlin, you're not a winner.  You're a pathetic bully and a loser.  And you're still a man.  Because this is a free country.

You can pretend to be a woman as much as you like, but you were born a man and you'll die a man, and "winning" against women in one-on-one combat won't change that.

Image: Ryan (aka Alana) McLaughlin.  Twitter screen grab.

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