Cui bono? Democrats swoop in to destroy Trump's Space Force

To spite President Trump, and in an unspoken way, succor China, Democrats are moving in for the kill on the Space Force founded by President Trump in 2019, at long last finding a government program they don't want to make bigger.

According to KPIX5, a CBS affiliate in San Francisco:

WASHINGTON (CBS SF/CNN) — A North Bay congressman has introduced a bill to abolish the U.S. Space Force, a day after the newest branch of the military unveiled new uniform prototypes.

Rep. Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) introduced the No Militarization of Space Act as Congress moves to pass the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the annual bill that authorizes funding for the Pentagon.

Huffman, a rich left-wing lawyer who represents a tony area of Marin County just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, had this to say about it:

“The long-standing neutrality of space has fostered a competitive, non-militarized age of exploration every nation and generation has valued since the first days of space travel. But since its creation under the former Trump administration, the Space Force has threatened longstanding peace and flagrantly wasted billions of taxpayer dollars,” said Rep. Huffman in a prepared statement. “It’s time we turn our attention back to where it belongs: addressing urgent domestic and international priorities like battling COVID-19, climate change, and growing economic inequality. Our mission must be to support the American people, not spend billions on the militarization of space.”

Sounds like the nuclear freeze gibberish we used to hear from Democrats during the Reagan era -- if we just unilaterally disarm, well then, how could the Chinese and Russians not take it to heart and disarm themselves in response? It's trash logic, of course. In reality, it will benefit the Chinese and Russians, who are ramping up their space forces capacities with alacrity these days, understanding full well that if a nation doesn't have some kind of capability in space, it's going to be somebody's vassal.

Now, I've never heard of Huffman before, but he does seem to be a problem Democrat.

His main accomplishments in California, to look at his webpage, seems to be to preserve the state as a nature reserve for the rich, while chasing the hoi polloi out. Based on his legislative record, which he brags about, he's all in for shutting out farmers, workers, the underclass, and anyone trying to get a leg up on the economic ladder. He's cut off vast tracts of land in his district from development in the name of making it a nature reserve, err -- save for a few servants' quarters, or what he calls "badly needed low-income housing" to serve the rich of Bolinas, for one. (Susie Tompkins Buell, a top Democrat donor, was last seen living in Bolinas. She's best buds with Hillary Clinton.) He's shut down oil and gas production in the state's energy-rich offshore, too, happy to make America dependent on petrotyrants abroad. He's got an absolutely godawful record of cutting off water to parched San Joaquin Valley farmers, the very farmers who produce vast quantities of America's food from America's breadbasket, the better to turn the area brown -- all as part of his idea of "going green." He's one of those Marin County hot-tub leftists who think food comes from a grocery store.

Does his bill have any chance to pass or is it just a nutbag grandstanding measure? It's hard to say at this point but the Get Trump spitefulness of it seems a little convenient, and it's hard not to wonder if deeper forces are at work. We do know that socialist Bernie Sanders, who's basking in his role as the author of Joe Biden's $3.5 trillion super-porkulus reconciliation bill right now, has weighed in in favor of the abolish-the-space-force idea.  And according to the far-left site Truthout, the bill has garnered the support of rabid leftists among the Democrats such as Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Maxine Waters, and Chuy Garcia, who joined Huffman in introducing the bill, Truthout reported, presumably as co-sponsors.

Still, abolishing the space force as China ramps up doesn't make sense.

Cui bono?

Who's this guy backed by?

Well, according to OpenSecrets, most of his donors are "retired," which is certainly convenient for not telling us much about the interests that may be involved in his getting his money.

The top industries that back him are casinos and gambling enterprises, followed by railroads, and then big labor -- unions in the transport, building trades, and industrial sectors. Again, hard to find the special interests here although there could be some. Nothing leaps out hugely.

His personal investment -- and he's richer than most congress members, with a net worth of around a million dollars, (possibly less) mainly from renting space to other congress members in Washington -- could point to a China connection.

His top investment area by far is in a field that Open Secrets calls "Electronics/Communications" -- which includes companies such as Oracle, Google, and Disney as the big players. Those companies are, to say the least, very "China'd up" and donate overwhelmingly to Democrats.

According to The Intercept, the top company by far in this sector, Oracle, isn't that big a donor to Democrats but does have a bad record of aiding and abetting China's surveillance state and human rights violations in Xinjiang. Oracle's weak response is here

That's not a smoking gun on Huffman -- one should always consider that he's simply stupid about human nature and foreign policy -- and he might not even own that particular stock, maybe he's a Google man or something. However, politicians have been known to act in their personal interests as well as engage in lawmaking to benefit their hidden interests. Could this move to kill the space force be a bid to make China happy based on the input from China-compromised Big Tech California companies plus Disney? I don't see proof at this point, nor can I find any China-slobbering statements from Huffman, but I do think it's worth watching. Peter Schweizer has documented in his books that this kind of corruption has occurred in Congress.

We also know that China is active in the Bay Area. We all know that his congressional colleague, ideological coeval, and probably good buddy Rep. Eric Swalwell across the Bay from him was put in compromising positions from a China agent, as was Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a San Francisco Democrat. Could there be more of that going on in that region?

One can only keep an eye on this lunacy because it simply does not make sense except as a move to ensure China's space dominance over America. Why is this happening? Cui bono?

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