Kevin Williamson does his best Trump-hating routine for the New York Times

One Kevin D. Williamson, writing for the rabid, radical New York Times, September 13, contended, "[O]ne thing should be clear to conservatives estranged from the [Republican] party: We can't go home again."  The title of Mr. Williamson's diatribe is "The Trump Coup Is Still Raging."  He is identified, in part, as a "roving correspondent for National Review."  (As the identification note does not state that the views expressed are solely his own, it is not unfair to conclude that he represents the smarty-pants magazine's distaste for the common man.)

Including the title of this homage to smarty-pantsism (referring to the self-absorbed who regard themselves as smarter than the rest of us), I counted twelve mentions of "coup" (including three of "coup attempt," plus, for good measure, one "riot" and one "sacking of the Capitol").  What ardor, what zeal, what hysteria.

What is "raging" here is Trump-loathing, pure and simple, perhaps offered (and accepted?) as a tryout for a "conservative" gig at 620 Eighth Avenue.  Let it be said, certainly, that the so-called "conservatives" at the Times are not conservatives, not at all.  Else they could not consider themselves "estranged from the [Republican] party."  That they are "estranged," arguably, is a term used for purpose of misinforming that they are not conservative at all — just self-absorbed aggrandizers like their counterparts on the rabid, radical left.  (I refrain from describing them as "elitist," as the term is inapposite for mere self-servers.)

Williamson regards the events of "Jan. 6" at the Capitol as only "half of a coup attempt — the less important half."  For Williamson, the other half — the continuing half — is the "legal wrangling in states and the attempts to sabotage the House commission's investigation of Jan. 6" (emphasis added).  The writer's anti-Trump frothing must explain his false assertion that the "Jan. 6" partisan probe is by a "commission," not by a Pelosi-picked committee by the lady who gave the country two partisan-programmed impeachments as coups attempted against President Trump.

Here, by pertinent example, is a Williamson assertion indicating that he roves from the truth as well as in his writing work: "In the broad strategy, the frenzied mobs were meant to inspire terror — and obedience among Republicans[.]"  For Williamson, efforts are underway to "terrorize" officials "into compliance" with the next coup attempt, and, Williamson assures us, "there will be a next one."  As for the "frenzied mobs" of "Jan. 6," how quickly they became unfrenzied and melted away in less time than a ten-inning Major League Baseball game.

If there is another "coup attempt," I predict that it will come from the rabid, radical left, working in compliance with faux conservatives like Williamson, seeking to overthrow a Republican president in 2025, as the left and their NeverTrump allies attempted to overthrow President Trump, from January 20, 2017, to January 20, 2021 — and, quite remarkably, even into February 2021, in an attempt to oust a former president.  Now, how irrational is that?

Another example of Williamson's political hysteria: "[T]he Great Satan for the Republican Party right now is not Mr. Biden but Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming, one of a small number of Republicans willing to speak honestly about Jan. 6 and to support the investigation into it[.]"  These are the words of a rabid, radical leftist, not the words of a conservative; Williamson here conflates the bulk of the GOP with mendacity, the precious few — like Rep. Kinzinger — as honest.  (What?  No recognition that Biden is in the process of self-destructing?)

Williamson goes on the say that "Republicans have praised the rioters."  This statement is immediately followed by "Representative Madison Cawthorne of North Carolina insisted that those who have been jailed are 'political prisoners,' and warned that 'bloodshed" might follow another 'stolen' election."  "Political prisoner" seems an apt term for the "Jan. 6" detainees, long confined without trial — in the manner of Nicaragua's Ortega, who rules with a clenched fist.

Two more quotes from Williamson in support of my theory that he really is trying out for a Times gig.

1. "The authors of the coup attempt remain embedded in the Republican Party and in the conservative movement."  Williamson names just one embednick: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.  Behold the Great Satan for the NeverTrump crowd.

 2. "The Trump administration was grotesque in its cruelty and incompetence."  This is clearly a Trump-hater projecting by disinformation.

The tone of the concluding paragraphs of this mendacious anti-Trump fulmination suggests that "reasonable minds can disagree on discrete matters, but there was nothing reasonable about Trump's presidency or his undemocratic attempt to retain political power."

As I say, Williamson must be trying out for space in the editorial propaganda section of The New York Times.

Image: Benson Center via YouTube.

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