Joe Biden's Susan Rice: Alejandro Mayorkas

It's one thing for doddering Joe Biden to utter something inchoate about the border crisis he himself created, but it's quite another when a sane person comes out to explain and justify the same senile fact-free gibberings as something normal.

This brings us to Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas, who was sent out by the White House to do the Sunday talks, in what's obviously the same role that Susan Rice played in the Benghazi days of 2012.  He's the designated liar.

Here he is, on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, via YouTube:

Here he is on CNN with Jake Tapper via YouTube:

While he's unflappable, he isn't quite as good a liar as Rice was, given that he laid out a lot of damning facts, calmly and coolly, apparently in the vain hope that his demeanor would entice the press to simply glide on by with those facts as something normal.

To wit, we learned that contrary to what the Biden administration told us earlier about "mass deportations," more than 10,000 illegal border crossers, many at that squalid encampment in Del Rio, Texas, have not all been deported back to Haiti (as the administration claimed earlier).  They've been released into the U.S., some with court dates, some with requests to get court dates, all of whom are free to move about the country

"Approximately, I think it's about ten thousand or so, twelve thousand," Mayorkas told "Fox News Sunday."

"It could be even higher," Mayorkas said. "The number that are returned could be even higher. What we do is we follow the law as Congress has passed it."

He justifies it as simply following the law, effectively converting the Border Patrol into an escort service for tens of thousands of illegal border-crossers, with the occasional one picked out for deportation photos to presumably keep the Sunday talks and discontented independent voters driving Biden's poll numbers down happy.

The numbers that Mayorkas said were returned came to about 3,000 thus far, but he made sure to say that number could be higher.  Question: If 12,000 have already been released into the interior of the U.S., where is he going to get the "higher" number of migrants to send back, supposedly on Title 42 COVID concerns?

The released migrants have no COVID concerns to worry about.  We learn that none of the other 12,000, or 14,000, or however many it may be, has been tested for COVID (or measles, leprosy, leishmaniasis, mumps, tuberculosis, malaria, or the whole host tropical diseases they may be bringing in with them) — as Mayorkas sent them on their way into the U.S. interior on other grounds.  Masks for your two year-old, proof of vax from you as you try to buy groceries or ride a plane, but no testing at all for unvetted foreign nationals entering the country illegally in search the best benefit packages.

Mayorkas kept justifying it as following the law, on the grounds that all 12,000 of them, most of them previously classed as refugees from 2010 and settled in reasonably decent countries such as Chile and Brazil, are in dire need of asylum and each should be free to make his case.

Wallace pointed out that some 30,000 more were in the pipeline for this kind of "asylum" processing and the good result the first batch of asylum-seekers got, entering the U.S. illegally and being allowed to stay, certainly would serve to notify the others.  According to Gallup, some 158 million people worldwide are interested in moving to the United States, so the pipeline may be long, but that instant relief, instant papers, and instant escort service on the spot from the Border Patrol now, ultimately led by Mayorkas, certainly should make illegal entry more attractive than legal entry, particularly for people with few skills, low education, and zero knowledge of the English language — or a criminal record or two.

The Border Patrol, see, is an escort service, he pretty well said.  Asked about the "patently false" (as Jake Tapper put it) narrative about Border Patrol agents on horses using "whips" (which ignorant reporters confused with split reins, used in rough, roadless terrain to keep horses from strangling on brush) to supposedly beat migrants illegally entering the country, Mayorkas was particularly bad.  The Border Patrol agents, he suggested to Wallace, were "individual persons" acting in their own capacity rather than standard agents acting according to their training.  He made gushy comments praising the Border Patrol as a whole, but these guys, he effectively explained, were bad apples, kind of like Derek Chauvin. 

He got worse when he was asked by both Tapper and Wallace about how these agents now under professional investigation could expect to be judged fairly, given that Joe Biden had already declared, Queen of Hearts–style, that "those people will pay."  He refused to answer Tapper's question as to who ordered the agents to the river crossing where illegals were pouring into the U.S., and then he said the only purpose for the mounted patrols was to "gather information and sometimes help people."  Apparently, they were supposed to help the foreign nationals illegally entering our country in, instead of protect the border.

Mayorkas demonstrated that he was one cool, slippery character, someone who packages the wide open border as normal now and something to get used to.  He repeatedly downplayed the extent of the crisis even as both Wallace and Tapper tried to bring the surge in numbers up.  He admitted that more than tens of thousands were let in, not sent back, and then insisted that the Border Patrol was now a migrant escort service.

Then, in his contentment, he declared the immigration system "broken," as if he were not the guy who broke it.

What kind of a smooth liar and charlatan is this?  He's obviously the designated liar, the spin master, the normalizer of the crazy.  What a valuable guy he is for Joe Biden.  And what a disaster for the country.

Image: Screen shot from CNN video via shareable YouTube.

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