Joe Biden is in way over his head

The number, variety, magnitude, and speed of recent national and global crises have all clearly and without any doubt demonstrated that Joe Biden and his administration are simply in way over their heads and way beyond their abilities to understand and to respond to these events appropriately and intelligently.  If that's not bad enough, the more damning truth is that they obviously have no ability to foresee events in advance and prevent them from happening and turning into crises in the first place!  And if that's not bad enough, reflect on the fact that no one in his administration has suffered any consequences as a result of these abject failures.

I'm not any kind of expert, but I'm not blind.  So let's examine what has happened just within the last few weeks.

  1.  The withdrawal from Afghanistan has been an example of chaos and incompetence in military leadership not seen in generations.  Liberal apologists loudly proclaim that it was well past time to leave Afghanistan.  That's not the point.  The point is the breathtakingly awful execution of the withdrawal.  If nothing else, the failure to preserve and use a well-defended airbase at Bagram until the evacuation was complete is unforgivable. 
  2. The drone strike that was characterized as "righteous" by General Mark Milley turned out, in reality, to have killed ten innocent civilians, including seven children.  How a drone strike can be authorized on no more evidence than a man making a few stops in the course of his daily work and picking up some water bottles for his family and neighbors is beyond reason. 
  3. Our southern border is, in reality, no longer a border.  Many thousands of migrants are camped under a bridge in U.S. territory.  And the administration seems surprised about it and scrambling to come up with any sort of plan to deal with it!  How can well over 10,000 people from Haiti and other countries make their way to a border bridge without our government collecting intelligence about the migration and being prepared for the event — and even taking measures to avoid and prevent the crisis? 
  4. Inflation is raging, and no one in the administration seems to have an idea of how to deal with it.  In the midst of this exploding inflation, the Biden administration's answer is to spend additional trillions of dollars. 
  5. France has withdrawn its ambassador in anger over an Australian submarine contract in which France was snubbed.  How hard would it have been to simply include France in some reasonable manner in the deal?  Can you imagine the response if this had happened under Trump?  Can you imagine the demand for heads to roll?
  6. The COVID pandemic continues unabated, and Biden's response is to enact a forced mandate.  Forcing behavior is not a mark of effective leadership.  By very definition, it is the mark of a tyrant.
  7. As icing on the cake, we have learned that General Milley made phone calls to his Chinese counterpart in the last days of the Trump administration.  Apologists reassure us that phone calls between military leaders are commonplace.  That's not the point.  The point is that promises were made that the Chinese would be alerted in advance if an attack was planned and that any planned attack would be thwarted by Milley himself.  All this subterfuge was somehow deemed necessary to control a president who had avoided starting or expanding any war or military action during his entire term — for the first time in decades.

So the only possible conclusion is that the Biden administration is in way over its head, and there is no accountability.  Sadly, the coaches of college football teams face more accountability than the upper echelon of the Biden presidency.

Image: LBJ Library.

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