JetBlue passenger chokes flight attendant, storms cockpit, but most media neglect to mention he shouted 'Allah!'

A frightening incident took place Wednesday on a JetBlue flight from Boston to San Juan in which a passenger assaulted a flight attendant, broke free of wrist ties once restrained, and attempted to storm the cockpit, with the door open because a crew member had used the toilet.  Although the passenger shouted the name "Allah," nearly all the media reports that I have been able to find (herehere, and here, for instance) omit that point and merely state that he was angry about a failed phone call and imply that mental illness was the root cause of the attack.

The Daily Beast's jihad-sanitized account of the incident at least conveys the overpowering fury of the passenger:

The passenger, a man named Khalil El Dahr, had attempted to make a phone call near the end of the flight and "became angry about the call's unsuccess." Roughly 45 minutes before landing, he pulled himself out of his seat and rushed towards the cockpit, yelling in Spanish and Arabic that someone should shoot and kill him.

El Dahr grappled with the flight attendant who attempted to intercept him, punching and kicking him in the chest, and strangling him with the attendant's tie. It took "six or seven" crew members to restrain the passenger with plastic zip-tie handcuffs, but El Dahr somehow managed to break out of them. Another pair was used, in addition to at least four seat belt extenders (and, according to testimony, the flight attendant's tie)[.]

The Beast does link to an FBI affidavit that mentions the word the media are desperate to avoid: "The second Jet Blue FA stated that at one point during the incident, they [sic] were able to understand EL DAHR say Allah in a raised tone."

In the wake of Joe Biden's surrender to the Taliban jihadists, who have resumed lopping off hands and killing women wearing "immodest" attire, we wouldn't want Americans to start thinking jihad is a threat to their own safety.

The only honest and complete account that I have been able to find comes from the Boston Herald:

At "one point during the incident, they were able to understand El Dahr said 'Allah' in a raised tone," the agent reports[.]

Hat tip: Pamela Geller.

File photo of JetBlue plane by Eric SalardCC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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