It's time to start arresting school board members for child pornography

When I was in junior high school, the "edgy" novel was Judy Blume's Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret, about a girl entering puberty and talking with her friends about periods and bras.  How things have changed.  Now high schools have graphic novels with text and illustrations favorably detailing all aspects of homosexual sex, including pedophilia.  When a mother in Fairfax, Virginia, brought that to the board's attention, the board shut her down.  It's time that parents use lawfare and shut these board members down.  It's time that parents across America do that.

I'll include Asra Q. Nomani's Twitter thread about the hearing at the end of this post.  For now, I'll just summarize the main point, which is that Stacy Langton, a brave mother, showed the board that there is graphic pornography in the libraries at two high schools.  These materials are available to kids as young as 12 and 13.

Langton read excerpts of the books, which are written as graphic novels — and they put the "graphic" in graphic.  Endless pictures, along with explicit text, show men and boys engaged in fellatio.  The books apparently describe anal penetration in great detail as well.

Ironically, the school board shut her down — literally turning off the mic — because, said one of the board members, there were children in the room (although, apparently, there were not).  That is, those board members fully understood that the books in their library are pornographic and unfit for children.  The parents in the poorly attended meeting cried "shame" at those board members.

Eventually, the board members, after lecturing the parents for behaving inappropriately and after negative press, grudgingly agreed to withdraw the books and reconsider them.  That's not good enough.  That still leaves these people in charge of the schools.  There's more parents must do.

After her mic was cut, Langton shouted out an important point: by making those books available to minors, the schools are committing a criminal act.  In Virginia, as is true across America, producing, possessing, and distributing child pornography are all criminal acts.  Moreover, according to FindLaw, the sentences under Virginia's penal code "are some of the harshest in the country and can result in jail, fines, a criminal record, and sex offender registration."  Here's how FindLaw defines what is prohibited:

Production: Solicit or entices a minor to be the subject of child porn, produces, prepares to produce, or attempts to make child pornography, knowingly takes part in or participates in the production of child pornography, financing child pornography or attempting to finance child pornography

Possession: Knowingly possessing an item depicting sexual exploitation or abuse of a child;

Distribution: Knowingly distributing an item of child pornography Distribution means reproducing, copying, selling, giving away, and electronically transmitting, etc. child pornography.

The Virginia Code also prohibits grooming young children by showing them pornographic material.  There are federal laws against child pornography as well.  (And given the books' extraordinarily graphic nature and their encouraging gay pedophilia, good luck saying they're "educational.")

The problem with conservatives is that they rely on what they think will be public shaming and the threat of losing re-election.  Thus, Langton said board members should be charged, obviously intending to shame them, but stopped there.  They feel no shame, and, even though people hate their policies, surprisingly, they keep getting votes.  Go figure...

What needs to be done is what the mayor of one Ohio town did when he discovered that the schools were using college-level writing prompts that amounted to nothing more than pedophile-style grooming.  Here is his utterly masterful statement to the board members on whose watch this happened:


That's how you do it.  Otherwise, leftists never pay a price when they engage in illegal, immoral, or unethical behavior.  They're cheered by their peers, and all that conservatives do is fulminate.

In the case of the Fairfax school board, parents need to issue exactly the ultimatum that the mayor did: this happened on your watch, you didn't do anything about it, and now you have a choice: resign immediately, or I will report you to the police for violating state and federal child pornography laws.  (Although, sad to say, judging by this story about the Fairfax County prosecutor, that threat might not work there.)

Indeed, I strongly urge parents across America to scour their school libraries for this openly pornographic material and to use its presence on the shelves as a giant cudgel to clean the leftist rot out of American schools, whether it's the rot on the library shelves, in the school administrators' offices, or on the school boards.  As that Ohio mayor showed, this problem of grooming children is everywhere.  In Richfield, Minnesota, high schoolers are asked to role-play being homosexual and get to learn about anal sodomy.  And in Austin, Texas, the Leander Independent School District offers kids access to the same books that Stacy Langton discovered in the library at her children's school.

And now those tweets I promised and that I urge you to read (and, when it comes to the videos, to watch).  Be warned that they are pornographic.

Image: Stacy Langton, hero.  Twitter screen grab.

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