It's time to end vaccination thuggery

A funeral home caused quite the stir in North Carolina with a black truck pitching the message “Don’t Get Vaccinated.” It would have been bad enough if there actually were a Wilmore Funeral Home advertising such content. As it happens, there is no such establishment as the Wilmore Funeral Home. The rolling billboard is the brainchild of the BooneOakley ad agency. Apparently, David Oakley, the agency director, was so frustrated at his fellow citizens for making their own health choices that he concocted this method of trying to shame them into participating in the medical experiment known as the Covid vaccine.

David Oakley is not alone in bullying those who do not agree with the hypothetical benefits of mRNA vaccines. The Cleveland Clinic released a study in June that showed no advantage in vaccinating people who had recovered from Covid. This is the last thing true believers in mRNA vaccines want to hear, and it didn’t take long before the Cleveland Clinic was forced to issue a retraction that recommended vaccination.

What makes this especially alarming is the science that has emerged since the rollout of the vaccines. The FDA issued an emergency authorization in December. By June, the Delta variant emerged and Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world, became the most infected country in the world.

Just a few months later, the virus mutated again into MU, which appears to be vaccine-resistant. The latest variant, R.1, caused an outbreak in a nursing home where 90% of the residents and over 50% of the staff were vaccinated. Twenty-six residents and twenty staff members were infected. One died. The evidence seems to point to a possibility that rather than stopping Covid, widespread vaccination is driving dangerous mutations of Covid.

Undaunted, vaccination bullies are becoming ever more aggressive in their demands that everyone gets vaccinated. Rather than testing for infection and treating the sick, the call now is to use booster shots against the new strains that have cropped up.

It’s true that diseases in the past have been eradicated with mass vaccination. Diseases like measles, smallpox, and polio were eliminated from the United States. However, those were diseases that confer lifelong immunity once a person recovers from them. A disease that constantly mutates and causes reinfection cannot be eradicated, whether through natural immunity or vaccination.

We can no more eliminate Covid than we can eliminate the common cold. It’s time to stop thug tactics for vaccination and concentrate on treating the sick while the healthy get on with their lives.

Pandra Selivanov is the author of The Pardon, a story of forgiveness based on the thief on the cross in the Bible.

Image: BooneOakley truck. YouTube screen grab.

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