It’s fake news that the Maricopa audit proves Biden won

UPDATE: The Cyber Ninjas document is not final. I've clarified this post to reflect that fact.

Democrats are strutting because the final Cyber Ninjas audit in Arizona showed that “[t]he auditor’s final hand count—which quadruple-checked every single one of the 2.1 million ballots—matches Maricopa County’s official machine count.” Big whoop. For those complaining about irregularities in the 2020 election, the question was never about miscounting. Instead, it was about the claim that an inordinate number of the ballots in the Joe Biden pile didn’t come from real people. Instead, they were alleged to have been faked—and the audit confirms almost 60,000 wrongfully counted ballots that could easily switch the Arizona Electoral College vote from Biden to Trump. No wonder Cyber Ninjas says the Arizona result should not have been certified.

There are two documents at issue here, one of which is a purported final draft of the executive summary from Cyber Ninjas, which I’ll get to in a moment, and the other of which is a cover letter that Karen Fann, the Arizona Senate President, sent to Mark Brnovich, the Arizona Attorney General. I quoted above from Fann’s cover letter, which offers the meaningless conclusion that a hand count matched the machine count. That’s what the MSM (including Fox, which you may remember was the first to call Arizona for Biden) is crowing about.

However, the same letter, in a small bow to honesty, also points out systemic problems with election security. The five bullet-points can be summarized this way:

  • absentee ballots were inadequately verified,
  • voter rolls do not match the ballots, as well as showing duplicate and dead people,
  • amateurs oversaw election technology and machinery they didn’t understand and misused,
  • private companies had the passwords to the vote-counting machines, and
  • election officials deleted material making it impossible to do a truly accurate audit (or, in legal terms, they deliberately spoliated evidence, which I’m guessing might be illegal under statutory requirements that all voting data must be preserved for 22 months after an election).

In other words, even though the hand-counted paper ballots matched the machine count, there were some huge and dangerous irregularities going on with the election.

But wait! There’s more—and this is the really important part because it shows the Big Lie. As Gateway Pundit notes, a purported final draft of the actual audit summary said that “the 2020 presidential election had 57,734 ballots that should not have been counted and should have been set aside, investigated or removed.”

Considering that the margin of Biden’s victory was only 10,457 votes, the presence of 57,734 ballots that were improperly counted is highly relevant. And that’s where we get to the actual audit info from Cyber Ninjas. Their letter does not say that everything is fine and Biden absolutely won.

Instead, having found invalid ballots in numbers more than five times greater than Biden’s “victory,” the audit’s conclusion is that “the election should not be certified, and the reported results are not reliable.”

The election problems that Fann’s letter ignored trace back to mail-in voting (again, an invitation to fraud) and improper voter registration management (and do recall that Democrats routinely fight efforts to clean up voter rolls). Because of those problems, wrote Cyber Ninjas:

57,734 ballots with serious issues were identified in the audit. These issues include improper voter registration, improper votes, and discrepancies in the registration. This is a conservative estimate, as there were other identified problems that were not quantified nor included in that total, likely resulting in a much larger number of flawed ballots. Additional issues identified: backdated registrations, multiple voter registrations linked to the same voter affidavit, voters without records in a commercial database, and printing defects rendering thousands of ballots as suspicious.

The executive summary highlights numerous issues with ballot integrity, including

  • 10,000 double votes across county lines,
  • tens of thousands from voters who had moved and could not legally have received the ballots they purportedly cast,
  • files missing from the Election Management System (“EMS”) server,
  • corrupt or missing ballots on the EMS,
  • computer logs that were deliberately overwritten,
  • duplicated ballots without serial numbers, missing chain-of-custody documentation,
  • statistical anomalies in the way ballots were folded compared to the claimed number of mail-in ballots, and
  • a statistically significant increase in the number of provisional ballot rejections because mail-in ballots were cast (suggesting that people’s votes were stolen).

I assume that it's possible to argue that Cyber Ninjas' conclusions about invalid votes are wrong but one cannot argue about the fact that Fann’s letter misrepresents the key point in the audit; namely, that invalid ballots exceeded Biden's margin of “victory” by almost six times, making the election certification erroneous. Her chipper assurance that the computer tallied all those paper ballots, regardless of how fraudulent or erroneous those ballots were, is tantamount to a fraud by omission.

And citing again to Gateway Pundit, the really grotesque thing about all of this is that the GOP is just fine with that lie. The uniparty in D.C. is real and you’re not part of it.

Image: Cyber Ninjas audit process. YouTube screen grab.

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