Is the Republic dead? Can it be saved?

It’s not nearly as complicated as once I thought it was.  It’s a top-down insurrection.  All that it ever needed was a sufficient number of conspirators, in key positions, to network with each other.  Granted, the numbers needed were large.  That is why it took so many years to take hold.  Once the threshold was reached, however, circa 2015 or 16, the treachery began in full swing.

The plotters were delayed by one mistake, a very big one, in 2016.  They underestimated the amount of electoral fraud that was needed to place Hillary Clinton in the White House.  That set them back four years.  By 2020, however, the insurrectionists understood their error, and they did not repeat it again.  This time, the fraud was massive.  It was too large to hide, but on the other hand, there was no longer any need for concealment.  Nobody in power was ever going to oppose the reported result, save for President Trump and a very few others, but there were not enough of them to be effective.

As of now, there are a few loose ends to be tied up before the take-over is strong enough to make us into another Cuba.  The top is secure, but the bottom is a bit unsteady.  One of those loose ends is that pesky Second Amendment, or more precisely stated, the people who exercise it.  It’s not that those in power cannot prevail against an armed rebellion of the citizens; they can, and they know it.  They also know, however, that it would be messy.  Spartacus never really stood a chance against the Roman Empire, but he still defeated a legion while trying.  He made a mess of things for quite some time.  

People who wield absolute power can never relax for a moment while the possibility of another Spartacus lurks beneath the surface.  The Second Amendment is the loose end that, momentarily, has introduced uncertainty among the schemers, for whom certainty is the ultimate goal—the certainty bequeathed by permanent, absolute power.  What most discomfits those in authority is that the very purpose of the Second Amendment, is to enable the common man to overthrow them when they abuse their power—and abuse it they have.

The fear of this is real.  It is why so many of those arrested on January 6, 2021, are being held in solitary confinement, denied access to their lawyers or the press, and subjected to cruel punishment.

Watching the top-down insurrection take place has become like watching a massive hurricane approach.  One can batten down the hatches, store up food and water, but nothing can stop the hurricane.  Against it, all this talk and blogging and commentary are little more than the sound of a reed in the ever-increasing wind.

There remain two last hopes.  First, the parents of public school children are outraged that their children are being indoctrinated by radical leftists and morally undermined by sexual perverts lecturing in the class, in one case, by a man with bared buttocks.  Will the parents act effectively?  If the general public fails to protect its children, there is no hope.

The second hope is that, as is well known, those in government tend to be inept.  This is why, in communist nations, the Great Leaps Forward have always tended to fall flat on their faces, worsening the economic deprivation that communism inherently inflicts on its millions of subjugated people.  How does that apply to America?  To paraphrase Barack Obama, never underestimate the ability of Biden to screw things up.  That applies to progressives in general.

Neither of these two hopes is dependably likely to save the Republic.  That leaves one last desperate dream, the black swan.

A black swan event is one that is unforeseeable, one which can have catastrophic consequences. Curiously, such events, after they happen, are seen to have been inevitable all along, but only in retrospect.

This last, desperate hope is not, however, entirely unpredictable.  The Bible predicts it.

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