How long do Democrats expect anyone to sit and listen to Joe Biden?

Once again, President Biden addressed the nation in the afternoon. I remember when presidents gave those speeches in prime time or at a time when people are actually watching TV. So Joe is on TV again, and most people didn't watch him. I listened to it on the radio, and it sounded as though he was screaming rather than speaking.

Overall, it was a disappointment. It was such a mess that Meghan McCain, the late senator's daughter, made an amazing disclosure:

"This is extremely difficult for me to say: I once thought I truly knew Joe Biden and he helped me through pain and grief, for which I am grateful," McCain wrote. "This man on tv giving this speech, I do not recognize this man."

Glad to have Meghan back on our side. Wonder how many of the Biden voters agree with her? I just heard former senator Joe Lieberman on a Bill O'Reilly podcast, and he is frustrated, too.

The president's speech was too long. It would have been better to watch a president address the nation on prime time, but maybe the White House does not think he can. I hate to be cynical, but what else could it be? What president turns down a prime-time speech?

The president's tone was angry. Why? We need a serene leader, a man who will calm us down rather than one who blames his predecessor, as KT McFarland wrote:

No one expected him to be Winston Churchill rallying the British after Dunkirk nor Abraham Lincoln consoling the nation after the slaughter at Gettysburg, nor did anyone expect something like Ronald Reagan's eulogy at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier a decade after the tragic Vietnam War. But he could have at least been straight with us.

Instead of speaking to a nation in pain, President Biden made this speech all about himself. He dodged and weaved, blamed others, and even claimed our evacuation from Afghanistan was a great success, while most everyone else saw it as an unmitigated disaster.

President Biden missed a great opportunity to heal the nation, especially days after 13 young Marines were killed. Instead, he went off on Trump, spoke poorly of a war that he voted for, and did nothing to unite the nation.

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