Here's a nurse who may have figured delta out

As the big picture begins to sharpen on the COVID pandemic, a few things become clear to me.

  • The "vaccine" isn't even a vaccine.  It is a radical gene therapy currently being tested on the human race.
  • The vaccine doesn't work for its stated purpose. It doesn't prevent infection.
  • The vaccine is very risky — far more so than getting the disease. The VAERS system for recording vaccine injuries shows breathtaking statistics despite being undermined by erasures, denial of reports, and failure to count eligible reports.
  • Natural immunity from those who have recovered from the disease is far superior to the vaccine for prevention.

The vast majority of the information outlets in America have been enlisted to join the government in a fiercely aggressive effort to force every living person to get the vaccine.  This does not square with the above facts.  Perhaps that is why, as of last May, 40% of the people in  Fauci's NIAID had declined to be vaccinated.  A Forbes article noted that "[t]he unvaccinated include nearly 1 in 3 workers at the nation's 50 largest hospitals."

One of the administration's blunt force tools is total hysteria about the delta variant.  There have been many "variants" identified so far — plenty of supply to keep things going if this maneuver works politically.  Another weapon deployed against American citizenry is the withholding of information about efficacious treatment (HCQ and ivermectin) as well as any statistic that counters the favored narrative.  I am still trying to get to the "why."

Sadly, the upper echelons of the medical profession have also sold out to the effort — including doctors.  Whatever happened to the "first do no harm" part of their professional oath?  They have become cowed employees of big marketing conglomerates and hospitals.  Medical professionals at every level can blast out support for the policy and they will be heard; the press especially loves to quote doctors.  A few brave souls speak out against the jab, but being egocentric doctors, they always identify themselves when they speak.  Not so with nurses.

Nurses share a fact of life with paralegals.  They may be respected and beloved by their co-workers, but they will never rise to the top of their profession in terms of prestige or actual power within the organization.  This makes them free to speak anonymously.  Nurses witness suffering and treatment up close.  They get it.  So I tend to read nurse testimonials with interest — I am inclined to believe them.

Not all nurses are against the jab.  Some are true believers in it, but many are not.  I noted an article called "COVID ICU Nurse Admits She No Longer Trusts Doctors' Care."  In it, a nurse notes the total buy-in by doctors of refusing to talk about problems with the vaccine.  Not only that, but they actively pursue everyone, even the ones with a bad first shot, to get the full vaccine.

Here's some of what she had to say:

[I]n her experience there is no testing available for the Delta variant, she has not seen the word Delta on any patient charts, and the only time she's dealt with the word "Delta" is from her administration directing staff to get the jab due to this mystery variant. ...

"This is horrific. This vaccine rollout is a nightmare and the media is completely not telling the public any truth of what is going on with the vaccines."

This brave nurse also said something that struck me like a bolt of lightning.  It was so true, and it answered a lot of questions.  She said, "The delta variant is the vaccine-injured."

I am beginning to wonder if the self-declared "elites" have even gotten the actual vaccine.  That may account for their cavalier way of not following restrictive rules when they think no one is watching.  Maybe all of these jabs are not equal — Japan got a very big bad batch.  I pray that Israel has not been conned into committing mass suicide.  There is way too much we are not being told, all of which makes the idea that the delta variant is the locus of vaccine injuries credible.

Keep reading, and make up your own mind.  If you don't want to get the jab, don't.  You are not alone.  I will die one day, as we all will; nonetheless, I am not letting them kill me to serve their ghoulish experiment, or worse, some grand eugenics plan.

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