Guns for the Taliban but not for citizens

After any unfortunate incident of a mass shooting, Democrats hasten to the nearest microphone or camera to ferociously demand the seizure of guns.

They proclaim that easily available guns are solely responsible for the violence.  They conveniently ignore the fact that most shootouts occur when the mentally unstable obtain guns illegally.

They claim that their intent is to "keep guns out of dangerous hands" and "make sure firearm owners take on the responsibility of ensuring their weapons are used safely." 

As always everybody from the US President to the intern blogger at MSNBC has the same choice of buzz words or catchphrases such as common-sense gun control or reasonable restrictions on guns.

Quite often a section of Republicans also joins in.  After all, they have to show that they are among the "good ones" in their party who care.

This is almost always accompanied by amateur theatrics of copious tears and lumps in throats, to demonstrate that virtue and compassion lie solely with them.  But to the watchful observer, the restrained jubilation and the charade are obvious.

As they deliver their monologue, they slyly glance from the corner of their eye to verify that their armed bodyguards are nearby standing steadfast to defend them.

They contemplate authoring legislation that intends to seize guns from citizens.  As they are doing so, they periodically look out the window at their Capitol Hill office to verify that armed policemen are patrolling their vicinity.

When they are driven back home, the vehicle they are traveling in and perhaps every other vehicle in their motorcade has heavily armed personnel.  Their homes are protected by armed bodyguards.

But this is not just idle talk.  A few months back, the Biden administration announced a strategy to clamp down on gun dealers for "supplying firearms that show up at crime scenes."  The Biden administration stated that it will work alongside state authorities "to shut down dealers that fail to live up to their obligations" to prevent diversion to criminal elements.

They barely utter a syllable for the recurrent gun violence in Chicago or the shootouts in New York.

Following the Biden administration's haphazard and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, there were reports that billions of dollars worth of U.S. military equipment abandoned by U.S. armed forces were in possession of the Taliban.  These were not only small arms, but more advanced equipment such as Black Hawks, Humvees, drones, night-vision equipment, and helicopters.

YouTube screen grab.

The inference to be drawn is that Biden wholeheartedly trusts the worst among Islamic terrorists such as the Taliban and ISIS with advanced U.S. weaponry.

This is the very Taliban who executed surrendering Afghan troops, who ordered women to remain indoors, who attacked women and children trying to flee Kabul, who forced young women and girls into sexual slavery, who set a woman on fire for her poor culinary skills, who brutalized dissenting journalists, who massacred ethnic minorities such as members of the Hazaras tribes, and who killed a comedian.

It is beyond doubt that the Taliban and their nefarious allies will use their newly-acquired sophisticated U.S. weaponry for violence and destruction.  Their targets are likely to be dissenters in their own country, their neighbor India, and perhaps even the U.S. and its allies.

Interestingly the Taliban and Biden are on the same page on gun control and even exhibit an identical level of hypocrisy.  After seizing power, the gun-wielding Taliban personnel went from door to door, confiscating weapons from civilians.  The Taliban are doing exactly what the Democrats fantasize about.

The only group that Biden and the Democrats do not trust with any sort of guns are upright, responsible, tax-paying, law-abiding, mentally stable citizens devoid of any criminal record.

These acts of blatant hypocrisy and recklessness have caused Biden and the Democrats to lose whatever little standing or moral authority they ever had on the issue of constitutionally protected arms.  No longer can they preach about "keeping firearms out of dangerous hands."

Going by their record, the propagandizing and moralizing are unlikely to stop anytime soon.  

The only way to improve the situation is to vote for only those who respect individual freedom and rights.

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