Globalism plus propaganda equals 'Globaganda'

With all due respect to President Trump or whoever first coined the term fake news, I think it needs to be replaced with something a bit more accurate and descriptive of what is happening in the 21st century.  I propose Globaganda to replace fake news.

If you tune into any of what the late great Rush Limbaugh used to call "the drive-by media," you will find amazing similarities among those news outlets.  Limbaugh used to call it the "echo chamber."  Whether they were questioning George W. Bush's gravitas or calling Donald Trump a traitor, the leftist chorus was singing from the same sheet music.

Globaganda has replaced journalism in America.  Journalism was a sincere attempt by humans to report the truth.  Globaganda has freed itself from that noble goal of truth-seeking and is dedicated solely to advancing the ideas and goals of the transnational corporations and their communist allies in Beijing, Moscow, and Washington.

Since communism has a checkered history, that term is kept out of sight in favor of globalism.  Globalism sounds more cooperative and inclusive, but globalism aims for a one-world government controlled by communists and techno-giants.  Please pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

If globalism is the WHO in Globaganda, propaganda is the what, why, and how of Globaganda.  Globaganda depends on the official roadmap for the future devised by the communists.  Globaganda exists only to advance the goals of the communists.  Globaganda is how the communists keep the people from observing what they are doing.

Censorship, another ugly word and antithetical to the truth, is a major weapon of Globaganda.  When Hunter Biden's laptop appeared just before the 2020 election, the Globagandists sprinkled "it didn't happen" dust on it, and the story disappeared.  When all sorts of shenanigans happened on election night of 2020, the Globagandists sprinkled "it never happened" powder on those events and they disappeared...mostly.

Globaganda is a reality, but the purveyors of globaganda still want to maintain the pretense that they are journalists and award each other with prizes attesting to their honesty and integrity.  Let's go on the offensive, calling a spade a spade.  When they dissemble, let's call them Globagandists.  When they hide the truth, let's call them Globagandists.  As much as they hate the truth, they still fear it and the damage it can do to their designs.  Jesus said the truth will make us free.  The Globagandists know that, and they shudder.

Image: The masthead from an edition of Pravda, fittingly published in 1984.

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