Flop Sweat: ProPublica scandalized to learn that grassroots conservatives are...organizing bigly

Investigative reporters spend a great deal of time exposing malfeasance and violations of public trust.  They alert the world to scandal and try to rouse the public. 

But then there's ProPublica, the investigative outfit bankrolled by allies of George Soros.

It's got a doozy of a scandal to report and wants us all to be horrified.  A breathless Twitter thread from ace investigative reporter Isaac Arnsdorf starts with this:

He blames Steve Bannon and says it involves the dreaded QAnon.  He goes into overdrive with this big scoop:

As if that hasn't been on conservative-leaning bulletin boards for the last ten years.  He might have checked back when Hillary Clinton was running for office.  He might have taken a gander to guess why that sentiment led to President Trump getting elected in 2016.  But nope, he's just discovered it now and is alerting the world to his scoop of the century.

It gets worse:

Apparently, the discontented deplorables are getting out and organizing.  That's normal in a democracy and has happened since America's founding.  But apparently it's news to him.  Contrary to the leftist myth that he must believe — that deplorables are all out there playing gun-gun and talking revolution (something the left has been promoting with the Jan. 6 Capitol fracas with FBI infiltrators directing the action), conservatives are not doing that at all — they are getting out to organize.  Of course he's surprised.

But he tweets it as though it's a bad thing, something to recoil at, putting out everything but calls to stop them.  What planet does he live on?

Instead of asking these Republicans what's going on, as many investigative reporters would, he decided to rely on data science and internet "activity" (too bad he didn't use the word "chatter") to surveil these dangerous Republicans who are (clutch pearls) "showing up" to organize:

He seems most horrified to find that the key motivator of all this GOP organizing has been election fraud, which he seems to consider an impossible fiction:

Easy there, feller — there actually was election fraud.  Apparently, he's never heard of it.  It's heartening to Republicans, at least, to see that there is organizing going on and quite a few Republicans taking an interest in vote-counting, taking control of the offices that in 2020 had been in swing jurisdictions solely run by Democrats.  Apparently, he thinks only Democrats should do it, but he can't bring himself to say that.  He cites cases in Michigan, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Georgia, where some of the worst cases of fraud, leading to 2020's stolen election, took place, as if that were a bad thing.  He howls that the Republican infiltrators are focused on audits and, he claims "voter restrictions," meaning "cheater restrictions," but that's another topic.

Then he quotes a string of shiftless RINOs who don't mind election fraud and who've since been given the boot:

After that, he calls for the public to send him more "examples" of GOP grassroots organizing, hoping to "expose" it and put a stop to it.

It's obnoxious as hell and perfectly indicative of the apocryphal Pauline Kael–esque attitude of leftists who've never in their entire lives connected to a Republican. 

But it's also something better.  Every detail this ace investigative reporter throws out there to horrify the public is music to the ears of conservatives, who, yes, know there was election fraud and now are clearly mobilizing to stop it.  That's actually a story if it could only be reported neutrally.

But this fellow can't.  Based on the smell of his flop sweat, it's fun to see him panic.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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