Everything is broken

Under this God-awful administration, nothing seems to be going right in the country.  The ineptitude of the left is a plague worse than COVID-19.  The economy, the (nonexistent) border, the pandemic response, our schools, our military, and our government institutions are a mess because of policies set forth by neo-fascist Democrats.  The most frustrating aspect about it all is that these people are not interested in fixing anything, just in maintaining power to ruin more things.  Of course, they cannot achieve results without the usual cabal of water carriers — media, Hollywood, and Big Tech.  Fake news, lefty rants, and suppression have served the Democrats well and the truth has had a very hard time seeing the light of day.

America is in the worst shape that I have ever seen and, not coincidentally, led by the worst president in all of history.  It seems as if everything went south with lightning speed, but much that is broken was rotten underneath, ready to collapse at the optimum time.  Now that the time has come, we can only hope that enough citizens will grow tired of walking among shards and push back on the people causing the devastation.

But some breakage can be good, and luckily, we are beginning to see cracks in the once ironclad barricades of true leftists.  Bill Maher, singer Nicki Minaj, and others have hurled their wrenches into the deranged culture mob to speak against censorship and illogical conformity.  Others on the left are still good with nanny-state mandates and leftist bullying, so they are not quite ready to criticize their side.  The tiresome ranting and overreaching of Grandpa Joe and his merry band of extremists will awaken more Americans and we will understand that the only way to fix a broken system is to break the system responsible for all the breakage. 

Image: PxFuel.

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