Don't tell the global warming fanatics, but we kind of need CO2

Back in 2006, three Mammoth Mountain ski patrollers suffocated when they fell into a crevasse.  The cause of death was attributed to naturally occurring carbon dioxide gas.  Mammoth is a sleeping volcano and various gasses ooze out of it from vents that reach down into the bowels of the Earth.  The local toxicity from the outgassing is such that trees have been eliminated from much of its higher surface, making it an ideal place for skiing.  The CO2 output is estimated to be 1,200 tons per day.

Lurking beneath this reality is the explanation of how plant life began.  Photosynthesis requires atmospheric CO2 in sufficient abundance for plants to produce carbohydrates.  Before humans began to burn fossil fuels (made from carbohydrates), there had to be naturally occurring CO2.  But from where?  Again, the bowels of the Earth. 

In actuality, CO2 cycles around and around, from atmosphere to plant to fossil fuel (dead biomass) and then back to atmosphere.  Meanwhile, the bowels of the Earth continue to add to the mix.  Kind of diminishes the significance of human activity in all of this.

Some climate activists rely on the slogan "bury carbon" to describe a means to compensate for the continuing increase emanating from the ol' bowels.  Fossil fuels are the result of nature burying carbon.  The activists would obviously prefer that we left that carbon where it lies.  Viv Forbes mentioned on these pages that, as atmospheric CO2 concentration increases, it becomes less effective, per molecule, as a heat-trapper.  It's not a linear progression.

Meanwhile, our President Biden is going full throttle on blaming every notable weather event, and even the surge at the southern border, on fossil fuel combustion.  He's compelled to delve into demagoguery, as his feeble mind has no ability, whatsoever, to understand the dynamics of weather and climate — let alone the subtle chemistry of photosynthesis.  The radical progressives operating behind the scenes are most likely feeding him and others the appropriate talking points.

Trying to establish political dominance over the weather is destined to invite tremendous skepticism.  I cannot help but remember what I learned about the legendary King Canute.  In order to stifle his annoying sycophants, he went down to the shore and commanded the waves to stop rolling no avail.  That shut 'em up. 

In our world, "climate change" has never had more than extremely limited traction as an issue, especially when the economic costs of dealing with it are considered.  The climatistas tout the abundant high-paying "green" jobs that would be created, which, however, would exist only as a result of enormous taxpayer subsidies.  And the cynical demagogues can't let go of the issue (along with race-baiting) because they really don't have any original ideas that might actually make life better.

A recent study in the U.K. found that immature and incompletely educated young people are now taking the issue very seriously.  Go figure.  ("Young skulls full of mush" was not a line originally unique to Rush Limbaugh; it was previously spoken by John Houseman in The Paper Chase [1973].)  This comports with the left's targeting of educational institutions as part of their grand strategy.  The backlash to this is brewing, but the bell cannot be un-rung. 

Ironically, at the initial release of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, there was a newsworthy shortage of dry ice, which was necessary for super-cooling the vaccine during its transportation...and is made entirely from CO2.  The primary source of commercial-grade CO2 is the brewing industry.  In addition to dry ice, CO2 is used to put fizz into soda pop and as a propellant in such things as pellet guns.  Apparently, folks have started brewing and drinking more beer — and dry ice is no longer in the news.

Image: lalabell68 via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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