Disaster by incompetence or by design?

While the Democrat leadership has been slavishly laboring to convince the American public that America should be an embarrassment and a source of deep shame, it would seem that our president and his handlers have decided that propaganda is not enough.  They needed to provide a legitimate reason for our national disgust.  And so they have: the reckless disregard for American citizens trapped in the terrorist haven that Afghanistan has now become and the unparalleled betrayal of the Afghan people.

Is Joe Biden's creation of the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster really just a case of gross incompetence?  What if this isn't about incompetence?  What if it is about tearing down America to suit his socialist ideologue handlers?  But what if just tearing down America is not the only goal?  Are there other possible reasons Democrats would want a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan?

How about these?

1. Military and Intelligence Community punishing Biden for ending the gravy train for the military/industrial complex supporting the war.

2. Add Afghans to the hoards of other southern border illegal aliens being groomed as future Democratic voters.

3. Pay back political or monetary favors to international political allies such as Russians or Chinese to diminish America and allow resurgence by our adversaries.

4. To provide another crisis or distraction as cover for other covert plans.  The "never let a crisis go to waste" school of governance.

5. Pay back political or monetary favors to domestic political allies like George Soros, BLM, etc.

6. Set up Afghanistan as a terrorist haven and wait for the inevitable terrorist attack on the American homeland so that Democrats can further erode our personal freedoms and declare martial law.

7. Promote Democratic globalist philosophy by getting the U.S. on board policy-wise with the other like-minded governments.

8. Create a national crisis to force the enactment of the 25th Amendment to seat Kamala Harris as president.

Whatever the reasons, you can be sure these characters do nothing by accident.  While we can't rule out an element of incompetence, it seems clear that they are on a full-throttle ride to make this country unrecognizable before the 2022 midterms.  COVID restrictions, the southern border crisis, inflation, election fraud, trillion-dollar budgets, Afghanistan, capitulation to China and Russia...all are going according to plan.

We cannot forget that the Democrats only understand power — its presence, its absence, and its consequences.  All other considerations are secondary.  If conservatives ever return to the majority we need to make sure the Democrats' schemes are fully exposed before the people and that they pay a steep political price for what they are doing to our nation.

Image: CristianIS via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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