Democrats are still lying about Trump's 'costly' tax cuts

Why do Democrats continually tell the public that Trump's tax cuts "cost" the government more than $1 trillion when it is demonstrably not true?

Despite COVID, the federal government is going to collect around $600 billion more in 2021 (almost $3.9 trillion versus $3.3 trillion in FY 2017), than it did before Trump's tax cuts went into effect in 2018.

It has a lot to do with the flip-side of this issue: Democrats' fanatical determination to "tax the rich" in their $4.5-trillion spendathons in Congress.

But it makes absolutely no sense, given that the government drew in more money from companies that benefited from Trump's tax cuts as the economy grew.

Why would you raise tax rates when the lower tax rates raised more money for the government unless you cared about power more than results?

Trump's policies of lower taxes and fewer regulations allowed companies to make money.  That, in turn, helped average people, who got jobs with higher pay, raising incomes especially for those at the bottom.  They also slashed unemployment rates for all races and education levels to record lows and cut the poverty rate to record lows.  Essentially, Trump's policies lifted all boats as the benefits trickled throughout the economy.  Income equality was improving.

Think of how much better the economy could have done if Democrats truly wanted unity instead of what they did in those years: they obstructed Trump every step of the way.

The Democrats' anti-poverty and Great Society programs have been in effect for over fifty years, have spent tens of trillions, and yet did not push poverty rates to record lows.  It was Trump's market-friendly capitalist policies and his focus on the private sector that produced the best results.

According to the IRS, in 2018, after Trump's tax cuts went into effect, the richest 1% paid 40.1% of income taxes even though they earned 20.9% of adjusted gross income.  Isn't paying double the taxes on their share of income more than fair?  (Twenty eighteen is the last year the statistics are available for)

One of the biggest lies of all is when the public is told that the $1.2-trillion infrastructure slush fund, the $3.5-trillion slush fund, or Obamacare is paid for.  They use lots of gimmicks to pretend things are paid for, but they aren't, or else we wouldn't be almost $30 trillion in debt.

Isn't the job of the media to inform the public with the truth instead of to campaign for an agenda for a party they support?

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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