David Horowitz explains ‘The Greatest Existential Threat to America’

For decades now, David Horowitz has been telling the truth about the left’s real goals for America and explaining how they are nearing their achievement. The ignominious surrender of Afghanistan to the very enemy we fought for almost two decades there is a signal moment, revealing the deep rot in the military leadership of our nation.

David has asked us to share this essay, which will be published Monday in his organization’s Front Page Magazine. We are pleased to reproduce it here with permission.

By David Horowitz

Photo by Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA 3.0 license

Our Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin - a leader who presided over the worst, most incompetent, most humilitating military defeat in the history of our nation - is black. Of course, he’s black. He was appointed by Biden to display the wonderful diversity of the most progressive president in history. He wasn’t chosen because he was a brilliant military leader (obviously). He was chosen because he was a political hack ready and willing to embrace even the most suicidal left-wing policies. (Note: Left-wing policies are by their very nature suicidal because the defining characteristic of the left is that it hates America and wants to “dismantle” it and replace it with the left-wing fantasy of a socially just future.)

In February 2021 - with the deadline for withdrawal in Afghanistan a bare three months away - General Austin was not ordering a military alert to prepare for what was going to be a major humanitarian and military reckoning. Instead, he was ordering a military “stand down” to indoctrinate all America’s troops in Black Lives Matter hate white people and hate America propaganda.

In passing may I note that 85% of the troops who gave their lives in Afghanistan to protect the American homeland and to give the Afghan people and especially women the right to breathe free – were white. So much for real diversity.

Diversity Training as it is practiced, is a racist scam whose promoters have the hateful mentality and low I.Q. level of the Jim Crow bubbas of the past. Their goal is to demonize white Americans and (white) America, and to promote an anti-American agenda that strikes at the heart of a soldier’s military oath to defend the Constitution and the nation it created.

Here is a dose of the beliefs that our soldiers were being indoctrinated in during the two-month stand down during the run-up to the Afghanistan debacle:

  • “that the country was founded by racists, that the country has always been racist
  • “that the Constitution’s ratification codified white supremacy as the law of the land,
  • “that whites are inherently racists (whether they realize it or not), and that the country must transform and become something altogether different than what it was and is.”

We know this is the diversity training curriculum because a courageous patriot, former Lt. Colonel Matt Lohmeier - a commander in the Space Force and head of a unit tasked with identifying ballistic missile launches - experienced it first-hand. Lohmeier had the personal courage and love of country to tell the non-military world about the rot that is eating away the confidence and patriotic dedication of the military. He did so in a learned, self-published book called Irresistible Revolution from which this passage comes.

For this gesture of patriotism and dissent, the Space Force removed Lohmeier from his command and then kicked him out of the military altogether. They then stripped him of his pension, earned during fifteen years in the armed services. From his testimony we know that to criticize the Marxist, insurrectionists and pathological liars of Black Lives Matter or their poisonous doctrines is forbidden in today’s military, presided over by diversity commander-in-chief Lloyd Austin.

What is the impact of these doctrines on the troops? How do you take an oath to defend a Constitution that institutionalizes “white supremacy”?

Lohmeier tells you. “[It] is wrecking young people’s motivation to serve in the US military, regardless of their political leanings. Many of those who believe these false narratives are finding their motivation for continued service shattered. Many of those appalled by the accusations are likewise demotivated. These narratives are teeing up a lose-lose scenario for the uniformed services and for the American people. I know because I am hearing about it all the time from people at my own base and elsewhere.”

In October 2020, Lohmeier attended a discussion group, set up as part of the military’s indoctrination program. It was led by a black female officer who assigned a book by Ijeomo Oluo called, So You Want to Talk About Race. Oluo is a Nigerian and a Black Lives Matter star. Her book has been widely read and praised. Here is its wisdom as Lohmeier reports it: “The book teaches that the United States is ‘a white supremacist society’ that must be ‘dismantled piece by piece.’ It teaches that speech that makes ‘people of color feel unsafe’ is ‘an act of violence,’ but that if whites are uncomfortable, ‘do not allow [them] to be treated as if harm has been done to them.’” Could Oluo’s mind-numbing racism be any clearer?

This racist garbage would be of little consequence if it were not the dominant theme in America’s culture today, promoted by the White House, the popular culture itself, and corporate giants like Google and Apple who have instituted the same racist indoctrination programs for their employees and everyone within their reach – which is everyone.

What makes these doctrines sinister is that the Marxists who devised them always had the goal of dismantling America in the process. Their success in Afghanistan should be a code blue warning to every American who loves their country.

America’s current corrupt leaders are always talking about “the existential threat to America.” And their answer is always the same “white supremacist domestic terrorists.” And where are they exactly? Our leaders deploy this fiction for one reason, and one reason alone: to empower their witch-hunts against patriots and conservatives like Matthew Lohmeier who is a prime victim.

But any patriotic American not seduced by the Black Lives Matters’ lies knows that the opposite is the truth. Anti-white racism, and ignorant attacks on the American founding – these constitute the greatest existential threat to America. The fact that Black Lives Matter’s racist fictions make up the crippling doctrine of our military leaders should awaken everyone to the menace we face. There never has been a greater threat to our patrimony and freedom since the darkest days of the Civil War.

David Horowitz is the author of The Enemy Within: How A Totalitarian Movement Is Destroying America, and the forthcoming (October 5th) I Can’t Breathe: How A Racial Hoax is Killing America.

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