Dallas mayor and city council sucked in by citizen mocking them in hilarious parody of mandatory vaccine policies

Whoever the man is in the video below, addressing the Dallas mayor and city council by video in an open microphone session, he is one gifted comedian.  He pretended to be a resident of the very expensive Highland Park neighborhood, fully supportive of mandatory vaccinations, and then took the logic farther and farther, all the while parodying the mentality of rich, white liberals who seek to force the lower orders into compliance with their diktats.

The escalating hysteria he embodies in his performance deserves an Emmy more than ex-governor Andrew Cuomo ever did.  It is not clear when the council members realized they were being mocked, but the man was cut off with "time's up" while he was in full parody mode.

Sundance of The Last Refuge found the recording and deserves the hat tip:

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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