COVID hysteria damages our children

What have our government, media, vaccine-manufacturers, and even ill informed parents done to America's youth?

It breaks my heart to read the endless propaganda pieces posted on every major news site, detailing the psyche-collapsing terror children are experiencing when diagnosed with the Wuhan Plague or when they think of the world outside their homes or masked venues.  These sorts of "news stories" are meant to blame this entirely irrational, illogical fear on #WeTheUnvaccinated.

It's only slight hyperbole to say that, statistically speaking, kids are more likely to be struck by lightning twice, attacked by Bigfoot, and run over by a unicorn — all in the same day — than to die from China Flu.  What the vax advertisements, disguised as news reports, really expose is the damaging psychological abuse that everyone has sustained as a result of the billions of dollars spent marketing these regularly lethal, short-lived, partially effective vaccines.

The entire marketing campaign has been designed around making everyone deathly afraid.  It has succeeded in horrific fashion.  At this point, people are doing what they do when terrified — reacting instantly, forgoing critical thought, and putting their faith in anyone who purports to know how to make it all stop.  Clearly, this intentionally overblown fear has turned our country upside-down — and extensively harmed our most precious resource (that is, our children) in ways that won't finish metastasizing for years and decades to come.

Shame on the anti-science quacks who continue to peddle vaccines by scaring people out of their minds.  COVID-19 will eventually become endemic, just like the flu, but the societal fear and brain damage sustained will continue (with ever-expanding fervor) for the rest of our lifetimes.  We are training the next generation to live in a state of propagandized fear as a way of life.  Fear of this precise nature is Condition Number One for imposing a dictatorship.

Everyone needs to learn to be authentically educated and think before they react — as well as pass these skills on to their children.  Everybody knows that this is how to properly behave personally and restrain unnecessary and damaging emotions (which lead to physical outbursts) on a societal scale.

All this has recently been done away with by the powers that be.  No more research, no more thinking, no more public discourse — just be terrified when the "experts" tell you to be.  This cannot possibly end well.  It never has in the history of the world.

For now, my hashtag is #MaskFreeVaxFreeThatsMe.

Image: Crying child by Zachary Kadolph.  Unsplash license.

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